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Treyarch im sorry please forgive me !


Ok the hypes just worn off MW3 an i have come to the conclusion that mw3 is a terrible terrible game.

Black Ops is far superior in every which way .. detail,graphics,originality,gameplay,detection,skill to name a few

Older gamers will know that this was just a cheap cash in from the CoD franchise.

(a glorified map pack, they even used the same building graphics from MW2)

its prob gonna be the best selling game of the year .. to me it allready the worst!


i do hope its not to late for Treyarch to go back to the drawing board and start developing Black Ops 2

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    Yes black ops is far better than mw3. Thanks activision for giving me a 100 dollar pos like mw3 to use as a paper weight. Id spend 300 dollars on blackops before id take mw3 for free!

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      Just made the switch back to Black ops, today. From going 4 - 22, 7 - 16, and 10 - 22 in MW3 games, I play Black ops and the first 3 games I played on my comeback I get over a 2.15 K/D on each and enjoyed it to bits.


      The maps on MW3 are so so terrible. Noticed on maps like Hanger 18 on Black ops, the space you have to move, the chance of picking off a target at great length. And just the clarity you have to spot people without having to worry about someone mauling you from the side or from behind.


      Everyone is playing MW3 and will continue to do so but that's cos it's all hype. I would have glady spent 53 euro on 16 maps for Black ops than having to play terrible maps like Boot leg and.... hardhat. Oh my God, just the thoughts of those maps make me bloody cringe.


      I love the font style on Black ops, the killstreak graphics that pop up. The sound, you can hear footsteps better and can tell their direction, on MW3 it's awfully hard to tell. Especially when there is so much crap going on in the sky.


      Anyways..... see you on the firing range, Havana, and Hazard.