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Modern Warfare 3 proves that the cod community is sheeple.


Modern Warfare 3 is the worst game ever. People can like the game but that doesn't change anything. The graphics are ****. This game only has AA x4. CoD2 had AA x4. Has graphic technology not advanced at all in 6 years since CoD2?? Black Ops had AA x16 at least. Hell, Battlefront 2 came out the same time and had AA x8. The texture resolutions are terrible in this game and I can harldy tell the difference between texture quality in this game and a UO map that I spent 20 minutes on making. This game has the worst sound ever. Playing with 7.1 surround sound headphones, the game sounds like was recorded in a toilet bowl. The footsteps are to loud when walking/crouched and to soft when running. Hardly any effort was put into this version. Give me mod tools for MW2 and 1 month and I could recreate MW3 tit for tat. But I regress, this rant isn't about how much I hate this game. Its about how the PC community was treated like garbage.


How do I feel about being manipulated by activision for the last 3 years? I'm pissed. I will not sugar coat this rant with my optimism or speculation about this game. This game is hands down the worst PC game ever. Good game in general, but worst PC game ever. I have no respect for Activision, IW, SH, or even Treyarch. For the record I have no respect for respawn entertainment. Jason West and Vince Zampella are asshats and got what they deserved. The only person that was ever in this mess that I have any respect for on any level is Grant Collier. Call of Duty and Infinity Ward went down the piss hole when he left. (after cod4)


This game is pathetic and goes to show how Activision is willing to lie, manipulate, and cut as many corners as possible to sell this game. Had I known about what the game and the community would be like right now, 6th months ago I would have not wasted my time on this forum. What kept me coming back is that MW3 was going to have CoD4 like servers. I've been with this series since the very first game, I lived and breathed call of duty. Screw battlefield, screw halo, those games are only good for offline. Call of Duty is where the multiplayers at. I was the definition of a Call of Duty fanboy. I'm sure nearly everyone in this forum can relate to their own fanboyism about this game.


I defended the series with all that i had, I let myself be ignorant to the fact Activision and Infinity Ward just don't care about the PC version. THEY DON'T GIVE A ****! I let myself believe that it was ok that cod3 wasn't released on PC even though the ******* wii got cod3 because cod3 was sucked. I enjoyed CoD4 beyond belief. I had full faith in this series. CoD WaW, although it had its problems I still enjoyed every minute of that game. Then BASH123 came around, I told myself that IWNet would be ok they can fix it post launch, ATVI is justing rushing an unfinished project onto shelves. Then I let myself believe that they couldn't fix MW2 because of the asshat's fiasco. I was ok because i could understand that probably not much work was being done at IW at that moment. I put all my faith in Black Ops. At least Treyarch was completely honest with us, they shot us the straight truth. We knew exactly what we where getting. Still the game could have had more potential but I was satisfied.


I was still wanting more out of Black Ops, when I first heard that MW3 was going to have CoD4-like dedicated servers, I rejoiced!! I thought in my head that we were going to have the game that we had been waiting for PC. I checked the official site every day for nearly two months so I could post about my excitement. IW had finally listened to the community. Well the forums finally did go up and I began to lose my confidence in this game. It sure had been awhile since I heard anything about MW3 PC on twitter. If this game is so great then wouldn't they want to talk about it?


Then the worst came to mind... Dedicated Servers would be unranked only. Thats not CoD4 like at all! So many posts about rumors went up in the next weeks. Launch was a month away, this isn't what we asked for. Albeit it was all speculation, but when they finally gave us some clarification it gave us more questions than answers. "MW3 will feature unranked dedicated servers that players can host on their own hardware. They can kick ban, set custom classes, and rules" later we got the official FAQ for MW3. I nearly puked when I read that. No lean? No changeable FOV, or even maxfps. This stuff is PC game 1st grade!! Still nothing was clarified and we were left with more questions.


Uhm what? So the servers are unranked? We can host on our  own hardware? what about on a server on a datacentre? What is the point? Then they clarify with this statement "Admins can enable progression or set ranks, but user dedicated servers at this time are only unranked. Public matches are ranked" So great, we still have a progression but our servers are set only as unranked. Not too bad, I mean its not like IWNet ranks are all that important. It wasn't until now that we found out that this was a complete lie. WE WERE LIED TOO. There is absolutely no truth in this. Even after the game launced I had faith in the community that they would play on no progression unranked over the aweful IWNet. (Nope its just Chuck Testa)


I'm running two servers for MW3, a CTF/DOM server and a promod rules S&D. My search and destroy server is doing well, but then again I had no doubt about which side the competitive players would stand on. My CTF/DOM server though, I couldn't tell you many times I've played on it and have someone tell me that they weren't gonna ever play on dedicated servers again because it was unranked.


The casual community are slaves to the progression system. What happen to the good old days of CoD1, UO, CoD2 where we just picked a weapon and went and had fun for 6 hours each night? Activision/IW knows that casual community would choose the progression over unranked dedicated servers. They only had to get the hardcore community to hop on board. CoD4-like servers was like preaching to the choir. Now they had everyone going, never mind the fact that they had to lie and manipulate us to get us to buy the game. Once again, I'll highlight it again Admins can enable progression or set ranks, but user dedicated servers at this time are only unranked. Public matches are ranked They blatantly lied to us about a feature of  the game, I praised 402 when he tweeted this. Today I wouldn't spit on the ground he walked on.


Call of Duty is dead. It will continue to be a crappy game fed by 12 year olds on their Xbox's and PS3 and PC, now, who have no concept of independent thought. They are controlled by the media and by the hype. PC games are never going to be the same.


At least now I know what I'm going to do with my life. I'm 19, I'm a college sophomore, I'm still young yet. It'll take hardwork but I'm going to take my modding hobby and I'm going to make it my career. I'll still lurk these forums along the way, hopefully I'll post updates, trailers, videos, and even downloads and links to my UO mod, which I have put on the back burner the last few months. I just hope you guys that still have hope for PC games will support me along the way. Thanks for the memories CoD. Now its time to destroy the one I once loved.