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Life span off MW3.

If the connection problems are ever resolved on MW3 does anyone else think it's been designed for a very short life span?


Im level 72 and I nearly have the gold camo for the type 95, mk14 and the m4a1, I thought getting to level 80 was going to be a horrible grind for weeks on end for me as I don't have the time to play but I'm surprised that it's not taken all that long. I think by mid February I'll be prestige 10/80.


It took forever in mw2 to prestige and then everything had to be earned, it really did have the potential to last quite some time... I just hope there's enough dlc etc to keep us going as at this rate people are going to get bored very quickly.

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    not everyone plays 10 hours a day.......geek.

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      @thykingzg He said he doesn't have that much time to play. If he played 10 hours a day for the 6 days its been out, he'd be 2nd prestige. So there is no need to call him a geek. Even if he did play for 10 hours a day, there is no need to call someone a name. Let people do what they want without having to be criticized by an immature person such as yourself.


      @willfal I hope the DLC will incude more open maps and some tall points that are good for sniping. It's annoying that most of the maps were made like they were, they feel very enclosed and un-call of duty like. Their goal was to get rid of camping, but no matter what they do, it will always be there. So just bring back the good ol' open maps and make everyone happy. Not all the maps are enclosed I must say, but they feel that way to me and it gets boring. So hopefully the DLC is good and it will make me happy enough to keep playing without having to switch to a different game.

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      Thanks for that useful reply, According to my stats this game has only taken 17 hours off my life so far.