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    It's a toss up between the M4A1, the G36C, & the FAD with kick & red dot on all of them.

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    Type 95 will be the first gun nerfed.  I love it, but it will be.  It's OP easy.

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    Best gun g36c


    Hybrid site,



    Dead Silence




    Attack chopper



    trophy system


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    I've had a great deal of luck lately with the ACR 6.8 - and it sounds so good silenced.


    It depends on the situation though:


    Striker - I've had some luck with shotguns, but this one takes the cake. rapid fire trigger pulls makes for easy long ranges.. even without damage or range, it still is a force to be reckoned with. Also, I've had some luck with the PM-9. There essentially Russia's MAC11's and can lay down some heavy lead quickly. Though,there not that powerful and require shotgun-like map navigation and planning.


    It's so hard to compare guns at this range. I personally use SCAR-L, ACR, and the PKP. If you enjoyed the RPD in MW2, its an easy transition. Good rate of fire with little to no gain in vertical recoil. Don't be fooled by the low damage on the scale, these bullets pack a wallop and have no damage drop off. Though, you got to use it with at least grip.. Kick+grip makes it more accurate than an assult rifle.


    Long range:
    Its hard to choose here also..
    I used to be decent with the L118A, but it got old. I don't like snipers like the .50 cal because of there speed. I started using the RSASS and never looked back.
    It's a battle rifle - two shots to take a guy down usually. The fire rate's so good on it, and with minimum recoil, its a brute. It's pretty much useful in any mid-range to long range assult.. as long as your not the main target.


    Striker, ACR, SCAR-L, PKP, RSASS

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    I played a whole team of T-baggers (Type 95) and got owned.  I decided to try one.  So right now Type 95 with an acog and rapid fire. This combo also makes glitch scopers think twice, I hope they dont nerf it, I think there are many workable combinations that offer stopping power or trade power for agility. Either way i think once the Lag issues get sorted well actually have some fair play and then we can decide if the guns need adjustments.

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    gr3g1 wrote:



    2) PP90M1 [2 Attachments] + RF+Silencer

    3) MP7 [2 Attachments] + RF+Silencer

    Both of these guns are pretty much the same thing.  Not sure if the stats are exactly the same or not, but they feel like it.  Combine this with steady aim pro and you have an unbeatable combo at close range - hip fire these bad b*tches all day long.  I'd say this gun combo might be the only that could face the striker at close range (assuming view kick doesn't f you over).


    Two downsides: Slow reload + range.  Its not unusual to get 5-6 hitmarkers before your kill at range, which can be hard to do.  When using this class I navigate the map the same way I do when I run the shotguns.

    you're right about the PP90M1 (2 attachments) + Rapid Fire, But silencer thats a no no, you need Ext Mags on that gun then, slieght of hand pro + Quickdraw pro + steady aim pro, i have nearly 2000kills with that set up already, i have it with gold camo looks great aswell, sounds pretty cool too

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    The PP90M with Steady Aim Pro is ridiculously dominant. I don't want to like that gun, but I do better with that set-up than any other one. I constantly spray down UMP users by hipfiring them from distances I shouldn't be able to hip fire them from. Even without Steady Aim, the PP90M has a retardedly accurate hip fire, and with SAP it just makes it all the more deadly. That coupled with the high rate of fire makes that the best SMG, in my opinion. By far.

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    ak47 hybird sight or acr

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    ACR With Extended Mag and Suppreser.

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    ak47 hybird sight or acr

    codblackops3000 wrote:


    I wanna know your opinions on whats the best gun on the game. And what attachments go's well with it.

    cod is beter than halo

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