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rB [ r ] are [ B ]reed is recruiting!

rB rare Breed is recruiting exceptional players to join our clan.  This clan is not for gamebattles and is simply a group of people who play together all the time and play to win.  We do not trick shot, we are literally try hards.  We are looking for people with 1.00+ kill death ratio and decent win ratio.  Win ratio isn't to important since publics usually will go bad for you.  We play SnD 100% of the time. We like to talk and compete with eachother, so mic is required. We also require a name change.  We are looking for people who are on daily and will be dedicated to this.  We currently have 4 people who all have almost a 2.00 win ratio from playing with eachother, we all are also under 3k on leader boards 2 of us being under 800.  Gamertag is Brawl rB if you are interested in sending me a message on xboxlive.


Current people:


Brawl rB

Eternal rB

Try Hard rB

fireup124(changing gamertag soon)