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Why can we not have the same clan tag in Elite???

I am amazed that we have had a clan tag of KRAP in MW2, Black ops, battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3 and now even have it in MW3.


Then we come to elite, who will not allow it? WTF is that all about?


Has nobody heard the abuse the caracters spout in the game? Has nobody heard the abuse thrown about by online players? There was even a tag the other night in game as ****!


Pretty lame stuff yet again by CoD. You permit it throughout your other games but not in Elite?


We now have a 280 strong clan with a tag only Elite will not accept? Utter madness of the highest order.


Krap is not even swearing as such and not even spelt as CRAP would be in any case.


Not exactly sure why I forked out £40 on the game and £35 on Elite now. It is certainly the last cash I spend on a CoD game as we can't even use Elite for clan business now