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  • 160. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    With the amount of UAVs flying around the maps I can't blame anyone for using assassin. Why are not pushing to have the killstreak system more balanced instead of crying over perks?

  • 161. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    Assasin is not the problem. The availability of UAV is. I switch between assasin and quick draw depending on the gametype and map, but the only reason I use assasin is because many times you play a team who are all using UAV and 80% of the match its up. I just don't like dying from BS kills because some guy all of a sudden saw my blip show up on his radar when I didn't even fire a shot so he lobs a random grenade in the room and kills me. Some skill that takes. Seriously if your ******** about not seeing people on UAV then you really suck at this game. Part of being good at COD is learning to use your eyes. Good players can spot a little spec of a guy from across the map. I've always hated radars in any game. Always hated it in halo as well.

  • 162. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    It wasn't a radar in Halo, it's a motion sensor...there is a huge difference my friend.

  • 163. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    Ghost/Assassin is a problem?

    Funny, hasn't been a problem when I play.

    People still die when I shoot them-so where's the problem?

  • 164. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    Another year, another thread whining about people hiding from UAV's.  Here's a thought, try not relying on picking out tiny red dots on the minimap and focus your eyes on what you can see in front of you.

  • 165. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    seriously? cry some more. this combo is NOT as powered as Ghost is considering you have to give up Quickdraw now as with BLOPS you could be invisible to everything with ghost pro. And for your lame ass little excuse of the display being part of the game so you ARE paying attention.....yeah BS. get past the age of 10 and trying to come up with reasons that make sense to you. Plain and simple you want to be a dot gobbler and use your precious UAV to find people. Oh that's right, you don't want to use something like sitrep or Stalker Pro, nooooo you want to use dead silence so you can sound-whore your way through maps while looking for blips on your screen. Let me just "guess" at your wussy little setup:


    1. Extreme conditioning with dual machine pistols, or dual machine pistols with your special little 360 jumping sniper rifle.


    2. Quickdraw, gotta make sure that blip doesn't move when you come barreling around the corner.


    3. Dead Silence - don't want people to hear you coming and you want to make sure you can hear the direction of that little blip just waiting for you.


    Plain and simple, learn to adapt in different lobbies. If not, go set up a private match where you and all your little jerk off buddies can laugh and guffaw and yell "U MAD BRO"??? and have a nice little circle jerk after your match.

  • 166. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    i run with blind eye and assasin with stalker all pro because i am a runner with a smg and i dont want people knowing im comming round the corner my whole class is built around stelth so why shouldnt i use it and as for its over powered i have to use 2 perks to get what was cold bloodd / ghost so no its not hard its just as fair as any of the others..


    Sorry about the grammer but i have difficultys spelling..

  • 167. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    I have a simple solution. how about make uavs only work for the person who earned it, and not their entire team. or make uavs recquire more kills to get. at least 5 or 6. im sure people get more kills thanks to finding people from uavs than someon gets with a predator missile lol

  • 168. Re: Ghost/Assassin is a problem... AGAIN

    Being a rusher who uses assassin a lot I was gonna say something about you bringing back a thread that has been dead for 5 months, but after I read your comment I really like what you said about uav only showing up for the person who earned it...


    I do enjoy being able to run higher killstreaks and not having to put uav b-cuz there is always 1-2 ppl on the team that run uav that I can use to my advantage.. But I gotta say that sounded like something they can test out, if they changed I might end up hating it in the long run but who knows... All that said I don't think they will take out ghost/assassin so the person who earns the uav would still only see 2-3 dots in some lobbys... Guess we will find out in November

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