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    Good points, "nuttin2say". I'm actually not prestiging in this game so I can use every weapon and use all the attachments. I may change my mind at some point, but using a variety of weapons is, in my eyes, a lot more fun than using 1 gun. I do like in this game and MW2 that you have to unlock guns at higher levels. You can't just unlock a gun and then buy your way to the attachements like in black ops. I've honestly only had 1 game where it seemed like everyone on the other team was using this Type 95 gun. Out of the 4 guys using it only 1 seemed to drop you in one 3 round burst and that made you question the power in that gun. I think it was just his connection compared to ours at the time too. Honestly I'd rather have a little more power in a 3 round burst gun than a fully automatic anyway. It's kinda like the G11 in black ops. If you're very accurate with it and have a good connection then you should be able to drop guys pretty quick.

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    Totally missed my point, but hey, you and I are actually in the same frame of mind in the wanting to pick up any weapon we find and use it effectively. I'm not demanding anything, let alone all weapons working the same on average. It was a single comparison between the mk14 and the type95 only, and nothing else. There should be an increase in the overall effectiveness of weapons as you progress through levels, but it should also be more dependant on skill and time put into leveling the weapons up themselves and not solely on base stats. The fact that you want unbalance in the game and for people to be forced to learn that you need to use x weapon and perks a,b,c in order to do well in the game is sad though. You should be able to use any combination of perks and weapons. Granted, situationally some will be more effective than others and THAT'S where the thinking person will dominate.

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    Type 95 is a bit to good cqb to midish range (2 bullet kill) burtshould have more damage on range too, since there is where a burst fire gun should excel, say change the base from 55-20 to 49-30 would make it more balanced, as it then would require some aiming for ohk bursts and be better on range.


    Even then it's no recoilless acr silenced with a heartbeat sensor. Every killwhore uses this setup and they just camp, prone pre-adsed at usually uncapped flags.


    I try to rush / flank with the 95 with rf on, which is fun, especially with steady aim and quickdraw.

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    People be seeing me run the Suppressed Type 95 with a Heartbeat Sensor; they be hatin', but not a single f**k was given. :U

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    Well you see the obious but you miss the point.


    I forget that the forums here dont get the difference between rhetoric and literal.


    The point is exactly what you describe: there is no universally "best" gun in the game.


    Stop subjecting your assesment of aspects of the game strictly to what you see in-game.


    More importantly, stop considering only one or two characteristics of "a" gun.


    You know, you would think that after everything that happened with Black Ops people would learn. Even more frightening, you'd think the developers would learn.


    There will ALWAYS be one gun used more than others.


    Period. End of story. There is NOTHING you can do to prevent that. Nothing. You can "balance" weapons all you want - unless they all perform exactly the same AND they all look the same, sound the same, etc ... literally ... then you will have one gun used more frequently than all others.


    As far as weapon effectiveness being based solely on progression, you're completely contradicting yourself. The reason you start off with a weapon that has no proficiencies and no attachments is so that you can get your personal feel for the weapon.


    It's just like going out and buying a gun in real life. Suppose you're given $10,000 to go buy two guns and you don't know the situation you'll be put in requiring the use of those two guns. Not only that, they are brand-new, just invented guns.


    How do you know which two to pick out?


    You don't. You have to use them before you know. All of them.


    And what helps you make your decision?


    A LOT of things, not just the caliber, the rate of fire, the amount of kick, etc.


    And most important of all, you HAVE to master those guns WITHOUT attachments before you know which attachments to use or which work best.


    And, logically, you'll start out with weaker weapons before you progress (stat up/level up) to a more powerful weapon.


    That's the way the game is designed, that's what works best.


    For you to say two weeks in that a particular gun is OP is completely illogical. The OP argument itself is illogical:


    Anything that is available to ALL players means that it is not OP because ALL players can use it.


    You can try to argue that it is OP against other weapons. But that argument fails, as well. It has disadvantages in areas where other guns have advantages. For example, you can pull out your Type 95 and try to flank me ... and I can pull out my XM 25 and blow your azz away. Now which weapon is OP?


    I'm so serious when I say that these "balance" debates are seriously ruining the game. The game IS balanced now, in a way no one is going to enjoy.

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    "Stop subjecting your assesment of aspects of the game strictly to what you see in-game." Strange statement, as that is the only way anyone can make any assessment of the game, by going by what they see in-game.. I've already said, if they don't make any changes to the type 95 it won't bother me, as most of my kills don't come from face to face confrontations it doesn't matter what weapon they have, they are dead before they know I'm there. I've also said that I've yet to see one weapon stand out as the most used in the game right now. By this time in Black Ops you already saw the 74u rapid fire/grip and the Famas used more than any other weapon. Even so, I never have been one to run and latch on to these guns or set ups. To be completely honest, the only thing I've noticed that can be really called OP are akimbo fmg9's, but even they can be beat once you are outside their range.

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    malditor wrote:

    . To be completely honest, the only thing I've noticed that can be really called OP are akimbo fmg9's, but even they can be beat once you are outside their range.


    Hence the concept of balance. The game is balanced and there is no need for topics such as this one to reduce the damage of the weapons in the game.  If you use the weapon for the purpose it was designed, taking out all other variables such as player skill, connection issues etc., you will get favourable results using the weapon for the purpose it was designed with the exception of sniper rifles in the game.

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    If you think that this gun is not the FAMAS from MW2 you are wrong I'm sorry you just are.  The fire rate might be a tad quicker, and thats with rapid fire, but it's still really close.  The only difference is that you no longer have to have stopping power on it.  No before everyone flames and says that that is why its overpowered because its the FAMAS with stopping power on it well that is not exactly fair.  This is because every gun in this game has been givin stopping power every weapon is more powerful than MW2 and that is a fact you can compare stats if you really want.  And before you all complain about me not having proof just watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in7oQ_6ZNfU and just see how many one burst kills he gets with the FAMAS, they are essentially the same thing and they are not overpowered because at the end of the day it's still a burst fire weapon and if you miss you lose, its that simple.

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    No matter what range? Dude its 2 bursts from a distance...

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    It also has the worse damage drop off compared to any other assault rifle, it drops to 20 at a distance and at a distance you have to be damn good to get 5 out of 6 bullets to connect its more likely going to take 3 or 4 bursts.  Also I would like everyone who complains about it being a 2 bullet kill to ponder this.  To have 2 out of 3 bullets connect would insinuate a 66.66% accuracy, and i can comfortably assure you that absolutely NO ONE has that good of an accuracy unless they cheated.  So rest assured, there may be some times when you get one bursted but that will not be as often as you think.  So stop complaining the weapon is balanced.  The only thing this game needs to do about weapons is fix the M16 so its not a piece of garbage and buff the shotguns.

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