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    IMO youre an absolute idiot if you dont think the type 95 is OP. i has absolutely nothing to do with connections. It has everything to do with that fact that 2 bullets kill, and the fire rate means the first 2 bullets go to exactly the same spot. the reult? if you dont pay attention to the killfeed, youre prolly gonna think you got sniped when you get killed by the gun. no other AR in this game insta kills me, but when a type 95 shoots you, youre dead before you realize youve even taken damage at all. in hardcore, thats all fine and dandy, but in core, its stupidly overpowered.

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    So playing with a burst fire gun on a 3 or 4 bar doesn't make a huge difference? The type is insane on a 4 bar cqb to mid, but it has trade offs. A the slower raise time (I run around with all guns so need qdraw on the type95). B the lack of range C Burst firing (need to kill in the first burst to be sure to win). It's a great gun especially on a 4 bar / with good hit register, but not overused for a reason it's much easier to just spray and use fully autos constantly.


    The t95 is a good counter to qsers indeed, I don't see that as a problem..

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    I absolutely love the Type 95, I have 12,000+ kills out of 35,000 kills in the game with it. I play mostly kill confirmed, and the amount of 40+ kill games I've had with this gun is amazing. SoH/Hardline/Steady Aim with Pred/Reaper/Pavelow is just a recipie for destruction of the oppsing team.


    And to those that say it is overpowered, I look at the Type 95 like steroids for a MLB player. Steroids add muscle and make hitting home runs easier since the player is stronger, but they still have to make contact. Same thing with the Type 95. Sure its a 1 burst kill in most gun fights on these maps, but you still have to hit them.


    The Type 95 isn't overpowered because not everyone can pick it up and do well. In my mind the most overpowered weapon in the CoD series was the MP40 from W@W. Anyone, and I mean anyone could pick up that gun and absolutely dominate. W@W was my first FPS and I had a horribly negative K/D until I discovered that gun. I started using it and I was getting Dogs almost every game. If you put a 3 burst gun in the hands of a solid player who is accurate, they will dominate. But, if you put the Type 95 in the hands of some noob who cant aim to save their lives, they wont do well. The Type 95 is a great gun, but it is far from overpowered.

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    It doesn't even matter if it were to be a three shot kill. At 1000 rpm within the burst, all three are going to hit Trust Me. Which is why the devs will not change it. It's a waste of time...2 bullet kill or 3 bullet kill both equal one burst.


    Yet it would quiet the cry babies, why?  Because the NUMBER "2" is glaring in their head. Have you seen a type 95 with rapid fire?!  It's as if you only fired two anyway.


    So what would it really change other than getting rid of that 2 burning a whole in your brain?

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    I agree with you, I really have no problem with upping the kill to 3 hits because probably 95%+ of my hits are all 3 bullets anyhow, they would still complain about it.

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    Couldn't have said this anny better, although I'm not using the Type95 very often.

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    Type 95 is blatantly overpowered for what it is!!


    For starts - it is unlocked before an MK14 yet can beat an MK14 in a firefight. OP


    Secondly - It can beat any other AR if you are on target. OP


    Thirdly - The only times I've been killed by a Type 95 in this game is by campers in objectives. If you aim for chest/head area (due to the wonderful hit markers) it is ridiculously easy to effectively get a 1 shot kill with this gun. OP


    If you're so adament you want to use a manual weapon, use an MK14. It looks and handles better than a Type 95 anyway

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    Here's what I think.


    1. Type 95 is a three-round burst weapon.

    2. Three-round burst weapons excel at long range but are terrible at close range because of the time between bursts.

    3. Type 95's damage drop off is crazy bad, making it a terrible long range weapon.

    4. In close quarters is where the Type 95 really shines, but if you miss that burst, more likely than not, you're dead. You can't compete with automatics.


    So in conclusion, the Type 95 is a long range weapon that sucks at long range, but great at close range. For long range it has the accuracy, but lacks the damage. For short range it has the power, but lacks the rate of fire. Therefore, I conclude it is a balanced gun.


    Either way, I don't use it because it's good. I use it because I'm Chinese. Gotta represent China with the Type 95 no matter what anyone says.

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    theshank wrote:


    IMO youre an absolute idiot if you dont think the type 95 is OP. i has


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    So if the MK14 looks and handles better than the T95 using saying its OP as well?


    I have alot of kills with both guns and personally think the MK14 is the better gun. I use it silenced all the time on almost every map and no matter what gun the other person is using if I see you first your dead.


    I dont have a problem with people using the T95 as I always move slowly and place my shots accurately.


    Seems most people who hate the T95 are the run and gunners who dont have real control over their weapons and when they round a corner running full speed someone burns them down with it.


    And btw in TDM at least I am killed more by ACRs, SCARs and a variety of SMGs than I am by the T95.


    I dont consider any gun OP unless a vast majority of the people are using it, case in point AK74u then the FAMAS in Blops.