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People already using Glitches/Hacks to cheat on Outpost map

About 30 minutes ago two of my friends and myself were playing Hardcore Domination and were placed in a match already in progress on the map called Outpost. We stayed because the score was 80-101, we thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal to come back 21 points. Shortly after we discovered it was impossible to get either B or C or to hold them for any significant length of time. Afterward the match was over the other team had two guys finish with unrealistic stats. One guy finished 30-1 and another 24-0. I went back and watched the replay of the match to find that 3 guys were using some sort of glitch or hack. Two guys got outside of the map and climbed to the top of the mountain by the B flag and shot guys from there, and another guy sat inside of the tank on the truck that is by the C flag. I have uploaded two screenshots of this in my online vault. My Gt is SL00P52. The gamertags of the guys using said glitches or hacks are : DNT B00T 4 LiF3, Defiant Reaper, and xKnuckleHeadx21.


My reasoning for including their gamertags is not to get thousands of people on this forum to report them for cheating or whatever I leave that decision to the COD community. I have included them so that Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer or whoever can go back and watch their films to find out how they were able to do so, so that it can be patched so no more players (who are playing the way they should) will be punished by players who are not playing as they should. Also if anyone knows how to include the screenshots from my vault/elite page please do so. This would also help other players greatly to avoid these areas until it is patched. Thank you.