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What Would You Like to See?

What's a game mode/map pack idea that you think would be a croud pleaser?

Examples: (And my personal opinions)

Close Quarter Combat -
Map list: Shipment, Rust, Dome, variations of Nuketown and WaW Dome if possible
Objective types: Moshpit- including Capture The Flag, Team Death Match-Express, Kill Confirmed, Sabotage, Team Defender, Free-For-All
Size: 6~12 players
Special Rules: No Assassin, Blind Eye, Snipers. Possibly no Reaper's, AC-130's, Osprey Gunner. Unlocked at level 50

"Social Maps" -
Map list: All
Objective types: All private match playlists - Infected, Team Juggernaught, Gun game, etc.
Size: 6~12 players
Special Rules: No EXP won, Unlocked at level 20~25

Map list: All
Objective type: N.A.
Size: 12~18 players
Special rules: 1 care package is spawned in a random area (near center) on the map. Two teams battle to take the package. Winning team must call in an MOAB strike. 2 Minutes of TDM starts, team with most points wins a point. Care package is then spawned in a random location (near center) again. The team that captures the MOAB wins 1 point. First one to 5 wins.

What type of modes would you like to see?
Map pack suggestions are also welcomed~