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Hey guys i found out that the main cause of data corruption most people report it happens to them when they are switching from multiplayer to spec ops so to avoid it come out of multiplayer completely to main menu and reboot wii simple as or the the other is playing for to long this causes the wii to freeze and was a problem in black ops but treyarch have a really good job with this game guys dont blame them for the problems they are working as fast as they can to get a patch out but by using these steps you can avoid data corruption im not saying it wont happen but it helps mine got corrupted once iv been using these steps and everything is fine and dont complain loads about lag shooting its not a the biggest problem at the moment it wont be long and we will have that patch remember don't say it a really bad game just because of data corruption problem because i think its one best games out there it just needs to be fixed then it will be brilliant. So help support treyarch! They have done a brilliant job at giving us MW3 for wii!