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ELITE-why is this such a problem! about 30 mins ago i was on perfectly fine. then why i tried to link my account to youtube( which also doesnt work and says

google chrome cant find this page) after i tried to link it stops working. i would like to know


1. why is elite alway "eperiencing high traffic"

2. why cant i link accounts.


the dev's need to sort this BS out quickly or im going back to bf3

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oh ya 1 more thing they should add to mw3 is available option to choose if you want to search for games locally or not. because the lag and hit ditection is a problem and im running 50 mbs.


ps. maps and there sizes are stupid. and free dlc for elite users is complete bullshit. why do i drop year after year 67.19$ on a game that has endless problems and rips us all off with crappy dlc. at least black ops and world at war gave us awesome zombies but mw2 map packs were just lame. i'll pay 15$ for 10 maps that are different and not from cod4 or mw2.

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