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I love this game, but...

I wish to God Infinty Ward would swallow their pride, and actually acknowledge that the game isn't perfect. They need to communicate more with the community and update us on what they're doing to fix the game's flaws. Things like:


-The Truck Glitch

-leaderboard hacks (which they're somewhat on top of)

-lag compensation/matchamking system

-FFA Tac boosting (I've seen enough of this to make me throw up)

-poor map design


We haven't heard a peep from anyone since the game was released, and I'm sure there are other problems (with the game itself) that need to be addressed. The game is good, but these few fixes can make it so much better. Please tell us what's being done to fix these problems, and when we can expect a patch/fix for them.


Lastly, a note to those who complain about overpowered guns and perks: This is NOT the thread to be discussing your woes with the game. It is here to get answers on fixing REAL problems, not catering to a lack of skill, which has been done MORE than enough.