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  • 100. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    this is really something they should atleast acknowledge is hapenning , 4 games at most i can play online which meams im never warmed up to get the best out of my game

  • 101. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    I made this topic in case somebody knows what is happening




    I have the same problem with you guys!! And I also wonder why this game doesn't have an installation at the very first begining in order not to read all the time from the cd?? Other games make an installation at the start in order some data to be in the hard disc of the ps3 and by this it won't have to read the ps3 the disc all the time and to be faster!! What are they thinking??

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    Well, still getting disc read error, so I picked up mw2 and started playing that. Good lord, I thought camping and quickscoping was bad in mw3!

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    im not sure what it is but has anyone else tried turning of the theater mode as i just did it to try and remove some lag i was getting and 5 hours straigth playing later no error i think it might be a connect to internet problem disquised (ie elite is messing up our end) kind of makes sense as i have clips but they render but dont upload

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    and yes i know i cant spell

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    That's exactly what happened to mine to and now Everytime I put in mw3 I get some 8001002 code or something that I looked up and it's pretty much dirty disc..... And it can't be my Bly ray reader I can play skyrim for hours..... There selling faulty discs that are killing systems

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    I turned off theatre and deleted elite from the hard drive just to check and see. Neither of these did anything to fix the problem.

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    I consistantly try to play this game during intermissions from mw2, and yesterday I actually played 2 full games of ctf before it got the read disc error! I started by going into a private match and just letting the timer run down, then I exited the game completely, started it again and then I entered an already started game. It seems that if a game is already underway I can play it without the error coming up. But once the game is over and a new game starts all bets are off if I can get through the game.

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    I managed to make the game work and here's how i did it !


    -     First i cleaned my ps3 by holding the eject button, unplug power cord, plug power cord (while holding eject button)

    -     Then i deleted all MW3 files / Game files / Savegames

    -     Turn off your system by holding down power button

    -     Turn on your system while holding down power button until you hear 2 beeps. That should bring you to the ps3 "maintenance menu"

    -     Choose option 4 (Rebuild database) (takes about 5 minutes)


    -     Install MW3 updates and config your game options


    It usualy works for a day or two, you have to repeat the entire process if you want your game to work when you get the disk rear error


    Hope that helped

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    You can not do all these every 2 days!! At the end your ps3 will be damaged surely on the hard disc.Plus is this really what you will do every 2 days? I personally made a full format and restore ps3,cleaned cookies cache,rebuild the OS and fix corrupted files! I played for 2 hours and then again the same issues appeared!! On the multiplayer online the game froze and I had to do hard reset and at campaign I was getting disc read error!!

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