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  • 90. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    same here, i've tried Cleaning my console, rebuilding database, deleted game files and saved game files and i still get this stupid disk rear error. Next step is trying it with a friend MW3 copy... all my other games and blu-ray dvds work perfectly...


    I've got over 4 days of total gameplay, this error started to appear last week and now it's everytime i start a game, SP or MP ...


    This is pissing me off, i HOPE update 1.08 will fix this crap

  • 91. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    I am well over 5 days of game play and in the last 2 weeks or so this disk read error started and has gotten so bad that I can't play through a single game anymore. I have tried all the normal things like delete game data (update), lifting up one side of console, etc and nothing. So I am going to go into eb games where I bought it and see what they can do for me. Like everyone else it plays blurays, dvds and other games fine. I played blackops for over an hour yesterday and the only issue was lag in one game. Black Ops seems alot easier since I have been playing mw3.

  • 92. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    Does anyone know when the next update is expected? I figure the way this came on, it probably had something to do with a previous update or quick fix.

  • 93. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    UPDATE : I've tried playing with my friend MW3 cd... ans now everything runs fine , i've been playing for an hour and i have disk read error or any issues ... when i try playing with my own copy it gives me the disk read error...


    I'll give an update later tonight if i encounter this bug again ..

  • 94. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    Ok, i've tried the game with my friend cd... i encountered the disk read error 2 times in the night (4 hours of gameplay).


    With my old cod copy i got the disk error every game.


    I noticed that there was a small crack on the inside of the COD MW3 Blu-ray (in the center hole) , this may have caused the disk read error.


    However, when i play with my NEW MW3 CD, i disk read error once every hour or so ...


    BTW: I had a new error today, when i put in any cd, i got a message saying that i need to clean the cd with a cloth... error 80010514 ... with fifa 12... no message and the game plays fine. Black ops, dead island, mw2 work 100% fine ... i've encountered the 80010514 bug with my copy of NHL12 wich is scratch-free ... i think this error is related to the blu-ray optic lens...


    I hope my blu-ray drive is not failing, i can still play blu-rays and dvd and they work perfectly ...

  • 95. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    Clean youre lens or change it and your problem is solved. I had that problem every year since CoD 4 also this year. Played all CoD to max prestige and every year I had to change the lens. CoD is a lens killer. Disc drive runs all the time you are playing CoD. The same happened to my brother. I also changed his lenses...

  • 97. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    I turned my ps3 on its side and it worked for 3 games last night before it kicked out. But the first game was almost over with only a minute and a half left. I feel that this problem has more to do with perhaps a corrupted file. Is there someway to start a new profile other then to delete my 4 1/2 days of game play to check this?

  • 98. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    I lifted my ps3 by putting 2 games under it so it's tilted backwards ... seemed to fix my issue , i've played all day yesterday without any interruption ...


    Update : this morning MW3 is giving me the disk read error...


    Im realy confused ...

  • 99. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Disc Read Error

    I just deleted all the normal game files, then did 2 file restores, both times it said there was a corrupt file that was being repaired. Then I started up the first game, lobby all good, game all good. So at the end of the game I went all the way out to the main menu and then back into the online lobby, lobby all good, game started, 30 seconds in and freeze. Looking hard at a full disc format. Also, I have noticed that more then a few times the sound has been messed up just before it happens.

    Side note I took my game into eb games and they said sorry we won't help with the disc and we have no way of checking or cleaning your disc. I guess I will have to make a friend with a ps3 and see if they would swap discs with me to try it out.

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