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Team R1OT is looking for PS3 members to join this Tactical, Competitive, and Objective-Based Clan!

"We R1"


Clan Tag: [R1OT]


As of right now, we have 22 members plus around 11 unofficial members. Our current rank is 7. We try our best to work as a team every match with at least 4 clan members. Team R1OT is not looking for players that only worry about getting their Reaper ect... Team R1OT is also not intrested in players that run the specialist package ALL THE TIME. We want team players that help the score go up and play the objective. Also having a mic is important. So far, my clan has been able to get a winning streak of 31 in a row.


Our most common game modes are:

-Kill Confirmed



-Team Tactical

-Search & Destroy


We love to be competitive but also enjoy to mess around from time to time. Infected!


Intrested? We are looking forward to teaming up with some great players! Specifically Elite Members.


Respond with your PSN below or add me on PSN: MrBrightside711 the clan leader


PS: Team R1OT is just a name. I don't see the word shield in there. It does not mean you need to use a Riot Shield.