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Why I'll Never Buy An Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer CoD Again: Pathetic Multiplayer

Before I go on with what might be an incessant rant, let me start by saying this:


1. I love FPS games and the MW series in general. In fact, I have almost 30 days of gameplay time on Black Ops alone.

2. I'm a reasonably good player and don't get frustrated easily with FPS bullshit. My K/D on Black Ops is 3.24.

3. I never post on forums like this, but this time I had to.


Okay, so to say it as politely as I possibly can, Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer is a complete sack of walrus excrement. Every other CoD game I've played before it in terms of MP (MW, MW2, Black Ops) has been worlds better. But to say 'world's better' is even an understatement. I've realised today that after paying almost $200 in total ($115 for the game, $65 for Elite), I actually hate Modern Warfare 3.


Don't get me wrong, the campaign was extremely entertaining. I'm only talking about my hatred for the Multiplayer.


Here's why:


1. LAG: I don't know if it's OK for US players, but as an Australian I can tell you the lag in this game is horrendous. Even most of the time when it says I have 3 or even 4 green bars, I'm watching killcams where I fired for a good FULL second before dying (sometimes longer) and in killcams (even with a FULL GREEN CONNECTION), most of the time it shows that I haven't even fired a single shot. Now I KNOW this isn't my connection because I'm using the exact same setup I use for Black Ops and Black Ops was fine. I don't know if Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer were being specifically mentally handicapped when they set up hosting/connection in this game, but for the love of the supreme Octopus Lord, how could they screw up something so badly when Treyarch got it right? Didn't they actually look at Black Ops once and think, "Hey, these guys did a good job...maybe we should attempt to emulate them." No, I can say they definitely did not.


2. CAMPERS: Before I go on about this, I KNOW that it's not IW's or Sledge's fault about how people play this game, ie; being dirty stinking useless camping douchelords. However, after all the hoorah they made about making the game more difficult for campers and talking about it as a selling point for the game for over 6 months, I thought maybe they'd fixed something. But no. It seems that above every objective in domination, there are at least one or two windows that some moron can sit in with their sniper rifle waiting for an easy and un-earned kill. And on top of this, it seems like they've filled the maps with about three times the debris and set-pieces that there were on Black Ops, making it even more of a campers paradise. Seriously IW & Sledge, if you're going to say things to sell a new game to gamers, make sure your claims are founded. Don't treat us like moronic pieces of trash who are all 7 years old. Some of us paid for this game with our own money.


3. SPAWNING: I don't even know where to start on this one. The spawning on this game is worse than being violated rectally with a rusty barbed-wire wrapped fire stoker for a straight 24 hours. Again, I know it wasn't perfect on Black Ops, or MW2, or MW, but I don't know how after having so many previous games in the same series to go off, they could have screwed it up so badly and made it THE ABSOLUTE WORST it's ever been in the CoD series so far. My only resoning for this is that Sledgehammer made the multiplayer themselves and it was their first time in a CoD series that they were just too spastic to look at previous games and just thought they could do a better job themselves. Pathetic.


4. SNIPER RIFLES: I'm not even going to talk about quickscoping and how much they've made it an over-powered ballsfest compared to Black Ops. But I am going to talk about the fact that half the time you don't even need to hit the enemy you're firing at to get a kill. That just 'in the general vicinity' will do to get a kill. But the thing that absolutely craps me out the most is that again, as a selling point, they talked about how they've made gun sounds more realistic over MW2, because as everyone knows guns sounded pathetic in that game. So, did they make most of the sniper rifles sound like 7.62mm or .50 caliber cannons as they sound in real life? No. I've had more intimidating farts than the noises that come out of some of those weapons.


5. PARTY SYSTEM: In my opinion, and that of many people I play with on a regular basis, the party system in Black Ops was basically perfect. Everything could be done from within the game (ie; joining a party, sending invites etc) without EVER having to go to the PSN screen for invites. It was perfect. So, did IW/Sledge emulate this? No. Did they make it so you have to go to the PSN screen to accept a game invite when they could have made it easier? Yes. And oh my sweet lamb shank, what the hell is the go with joining a party? Unlike Black Ops where you could simply press square on a friend when they're partied to join theirs, it constantly says they have their party set to private, even there is NO WAY AT ALL to change it to open. Seriously, what the hell happened?


6. GAME SEARCHING: I know I might be stereotyping here, but for the most part Americans seem to not acknowledge the existence of any other country. And while on Black Ops you could set multiplayer to search for 'Locale Only' games meaning you wouldn't be put in a laggy-as-hell US lobby which you'd prefer not to be in anyway, they've decided to omit this very-awesome feature because it was probably way too hard. Look Sledgehammer -- and let me say this clearly -- THE LAG ON THIS GAME IS BAD ENOUGH WHEN I'M IN AN AUSTRALIAN LOBBY. I would prefer NOT TO PLAY A GAME AT ALL, than to be put in an American lobby where the time difference between me pressing L2 and a grenade actually leaving my hand is over two full seconds...and I'm NOT overstating that. Please understand, there are other places in this world besides the United States.


7. THE XM25: This might sound petty, but why the hell did you even consider putting a semi-automatic grenade launcher in this game? I know you toned down the power of the normal noob tube. And yes, I wholeheartedly appreciate you doing this. But dear lord, didn't you even once, for 10 seconds consider that nobody -- and I mean NOBODY -- would use this weapon for its intended use of taking out people behind cover? Instead, they all use it like a semi-auto-grenade-chucking-shotgun. You guys are useless sometimes. Seriously.


8. MATCHMAKING: This is going to be my last point because I just don't care anymore. At least 50% of games I join get ended mid-game and my party chucked out for some stupid network reason. And no, this isn't the PSN. This isn't my connection. This is simply Activision's stupid servers that can't handle the load. And I don't even want to talk about how much worse this gets in Ground War games. Come on guys, if your servers cannot handle this load, DON'T RELEASE THE GAME.


In short, I am never buying an IW/Sledgehammer Call of Duty game again.


I am disgusted, quite frankly, with the fact they have more money to throw around to develop this game than probably almost any studio on the planet, and they have so many yardsticks to take ideas/inspiration on -- even other games in the same series -- and they gave us something so pathetic that myself and many other regular games I know don't even want to play this steaming pile of fecal matter anymore.


The only reason this game broke sales records yet again is because of a marketing storm that the game couldn't live up to, as well as a massive existing fanbase. In my opinion, that's pathetic.


Oh, and don't listen to reviews from companies like IGN that give this game a 9.0 . If you think I'm alone in my views, go to Metacritic and see that MW3 has been given a quite-pathetic 2.8 out of 10 from over 3,500 user reviews. On the other hand, a game like Skyrim gets 9.5 from IGN and matches up with a 8.9 from almost 1,000 reviews on Metacritic from users.


Bring on Black Ops 2. It seems that Treyarch actually care about making a game that keeps gamer and fans of the series happy, instead of simply forcing out a premature turd to only make bank.


Goodbye IW/Sledgehammer. Been nice knowing you.

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