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How to fix MW3 connection issues NAT Moderate Strict Open

1) Log into your router and turn on [enable] UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), most routers have this option in the Administration tab.


2) Go to PS3's network settings, check status and write down the IP Address.


3) Follow the steps in this video (be careful about some steps! See below)





-Where he suggests to enter a random number for your IP address, I used the IP address my PS3 previously had. I do not suggest entering a random number.

-For the primary and secondary DNS, I entered the ones already listed on my router, which I found when I logged into my router. If you cannot find this information from your router, I am unsure if it is necessary to enter anything into the Primary and Secondary DNS fields.

-Since I entered the DNS already listed on my router into my PS3, I did not follow the step of adding the DNS listed on the PS3 into my router.

-I did not enter my PS3's IP address into the DMZ. DMZ means unrestricted two-way Internet access. This may be good but please be careful since enabling DMZ = no protection for the host. I don't want someone's hacked PS3 connecting to mine.

-At the end he suggests going to PortForward.com but I am not sure why and therefore do not see the point.