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AngelOfDoom <<< hacker

Just finished playing a game of HC Kill Confirmed ... this jerk was wrecking our whole team. We couldn't find him anywhere on the map. Actually sent tubes where his bullets appeared to come from...nothing ... grenades .. nothing... just him racking the kills..with no confirms or denies.Then we figured it out. Unfortunately he got too greedy and got the final kill cam. The jerk was under the map shooting a pistol. Don'r know where to report him so I'm posting here. His clan: LHR .. Gamertag : Angelof Doom. I reported him in game also, but I'm sure that won't do any good. I'm going to see if the final kill is saved in the theatre, but I'm sure it's not. Bad part is I don't recall the other team members, who I'm sure knew what was going on.So pass the word... Outpost was hacked by this guy so not only do we have to put up w/ epic camping .. now the hackers are alive and well. Posted this in Suggestions Forum also.