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Weapon Balance

First off, let me state that this game has been rather enjoyable for the most part. However, I am the type of player that doesn't like to always use the common guns that you always see. I prefer to use things like shotguns or the riot shield. I think we can all agree that there are a few guns in some categories that stand out as being the most used.


In Assault Rifles, you have the Type 95 and the M4A1 due to early unlock and how easy they are to use. 

For SMGs, you have the UMP and the P90.

For LMGs, nothing really in particular.

Shotguns, same as LMGs.

Snipers, Barrett .50 cal and L118.


I love to use the Riot Shield, but with the high weapon damage in this game, it makes it very difficult due to the amount of times I have been shot around the shield when only a very small portion of my body is revealed. Basically, if you hip-fire at a riot shield user, you only need to land 2-3 bullets to get the kill. Also, when trying to melee an enemy with the shield, your head is exposed for a split-second and I can't tell you how many times I have been shot in the head while hitting an enemy with the shield. I think that the Riot Shield should be modified to cover a slightly larger portion of your body. There are plenty of other weapons capable of taking out a riot shield user and it's not like you'll really have a hard time running from them so I don't think that it's very fair to be taken out so quickly when the shield should be covering you.


Also, I like to use shotguns. If you haven't noticed, I enjoy close quarters fights and I can't count how many times I've been killed in a very close quarters situation by an SMG while using a shotgun, usually the SPAS.  I understand that the damage and range proficiencies significantly increase the lethality of these shotguns, but I think that it's too hard to get kills with them in order to unlock these. I have leveled up my SPAS to level 19 so far and I think it's sad that a one-hit kill seems like a miracle to me. Very often I have to land multiple shots to get a kill and earlier today I actually had to land 5 shots before killing a guy. While that was at a decent range, I was still getting hitmarkers and doing damage with each shot so I think that kinda speaks for itself about the power of these shotguns without the damage/range proficiencies. I think it would be nice to either unlock these proficiencies earlier or make the shotguns slightly better so that getting those proficiencies won't be as much of a struggle.


I know a lot of you will think I'm just complaining about everything and that I probably suck at this game, but I can tell you that I am not a bad player. I've been playing since CoD 4 and I've had quite a bit of experience with FPS games. I can hold a fairly average K/D, but I prefer to use weapons you don't see everyday because it's more fun for me. However, I don't think it's fair that I have to put myself at a disadvantage just because I want to use a shotgun or a riot shield. They are categorized as primary weapons just as the SMGs and Assault Rifles, so I think that they should be just as deadly in their respective roles. I paid $60 for this game and I think it's only fair that I get to play it the way I want to without having to be at a disadvantage.


Sorry for my ranting and the long post, but I appreciate it for anyone who read it and I also appreciate your feedback. Thanks for reading.

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    I see the scar-L as OP

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    In my opinion the UMP and now in MW3 the PP901 SMGs are more noob weapons than the noob tube. They are sickeningly easy to use and usually annoying to get killed by. I often like to use uncommon weapons too, but usually more of the assault rifles that people never use more so than shotguns but that's just my personal playstyle preference. Like the FAD which I realize isnt that common because of how late it's unlocked, but I liked that one, I might use a prestige token to unlock it for good actually. As far as gun balance I think it is pretty good overall. The type 95 is annoying when people have rapid fire on it, but I can't say I think it's overpowered. And in all honesty I don't think the SMGs are really overpowered either, they are just annoying because the game has made the spray and pray approach so easy to do. I havent tried the riot shield yet in this game, but I did like goofing around with it in mw2, and seeing as how every gun (besides shotguns) seems to kill super fast, I think you have a good point about making the shield a little bigger or adjust how your character moves behind it so it isn't so easy to counter.

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      Yeah, the "noobtubes" in this game are nearly useless and I think that they took explosive balance and went overboard with it. Now you have explosives that rarely kill in one hit (including even frag grenades and semtex) along with blast shield to counter it. Although there was blast shield in MW2, I just didn't find it to be worthwhile at all when you had to give up your equipment slot and your radar just to use it and I still found myself being killed by danger close explosives. In my personal opinion, I think explosive balance was nearly perfect in Black Ops. Flak Jacket would protect you, but otherwise, you would most likely die.


      As for shotguns, I think they misunderstood the reason that they were overpowered. The shotguns were overpowered because of the fact that they were secondary weapons and even then I don't think that they were too overpowered. If the shotguns were as powerful as they were in MW2, I think they would be perfectly suitable as primary weapons in this game. Also, for the riot shield, I'm hoping something is done about it because it is quite frustrating dying when my shield should be blocking the bullets. Hopefully Infinity Ward (and SledgeHammer Games) does a better job of patching and keeping up with the issues in MW3 than they did in MW2.