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Jesus Funking christ Turn OFF the music during gameplay!!!

When playing Spec Ops espessially, the music seems to get louder when there's a dog coming to get you, its annoying,,


Add an option to TURN THAT SH*T OFF.


It's supposed to be a war game,, well, why the f*ck are we hearing any music during shootouts?, I wouldn't mind if it was music from say a radio or something in game which you could shoot or melee to stop it, but its on all the time,, it needs to die.


There's nothing worse than being the last man standing in hardcore TDM or something, and the music kicks in louder because it's the last minute or something, and then you get killed because you couldn't hear the guy run up behind you.


I asked for the option to disable the music in Mw2, and I'm asking for that option to disable the music again in Mw3, please sort this sh*t out guys.


Anyone else agree, or am i just being a fussy little bast*rd?

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