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My plight with MW3


I really want to like MW3, I really do.


COD 4 was my first experience with online gaming and I loved it. I had just started playing right before MW2 came out so I never even touched WAW so I have no idea if that game was any good or not. Despite everything that was bad about MW2 I thoroughly enjoyed the multiplayer. Black Ops was my first Treyarch game and I thought it was great. Now there was a lot of debate during BO's run about lag and what not and I, myself never had any issues with connection on that game other than the occasional 2-bar foreign lobby type stuff.


And now MW3. A lot of talk about lag compensation and client side prediction and what not but I'm not a computer engineer so I'm not filled with knowledge about how that all works. What I do know, is that I was 10th on MW2 and 15th in Black Ops so I've played my fair share of COD and something in MW3 just doesn't feel right to me. There's far too many times where I've got the jump on enemies and get the first shots on target only to be basically insta-killed without a red screen or anything. I watch the kill cam and find out that on his screen I apparently didn't take a shot at all. In MW2 and Black Ops, if I was lagging or felt laggy I'd check the scoreboard and it would be evident with 2 bar or 3 bar. The connection display in MW3 seems just like a cover for whatever is going on behind the scenes because when I feel laggy and check the scoreboard sometimes everyone in the lobby has three bar. Sometimes everybody but one or two has four bar. In MW2 and Black Ops, it was relatively easy to figure out who was host. Now, it seems impossible to gauge whether or not I might be the host, if I've got good 3-bar or bad 3-bar and what not.


I honestly don't care about dying. However, when I die and I know full well that I should have killed the guy that killed me it destroys the game for me. I'm almost second prestige right now and I'll probably continue playing despite the fact and just hope things get better.


Trolls engage.

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    This is 100% how I feel.  There are times I shoot someone first I know I got the drop on them and I get killed.  It doesn't even bother me that I died until I look at the killcam and see that I didn't fire a single shot from his perspective.  It didn't and doesn't happen like this in any other cod game.  I have a good connection.  20 down 5 up.  Very low ping and very little jitter.  I turned off theater mode.

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    This pretty much sums up my thoughts, i don't mind dying, except when its on complete bullshit. Spawn killing and lag makes me facepalm.