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R u a CAMPER or not?

I think that camping is fun. WHEN, u r defending a flag or somthing. Not on TDM.  Who else agrees that camping shoud be done when it is needed, not when your team is out getting massacred and your over the other side of the map with a AR camping.

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    Bloody oath, there is definately tactical camping and then there is noobish camping. Noobish camping is a little harder to counter. Tactical/objective camping is only hard to counter is your just bum rush.

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    there is only camping. No such thing as tactical camping. There is however, defending. When your at an objective then you are defending it. Sniping is also another legitimate strategy. I played a group of people who were complaining about my entire team camping in S&D when we were on the defending side. We were actually defending both bases and they had the balls to say we were camping. Quite funny really.

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    i only camp when i play with the sniper class or when i try to defend a objective like a base or hq or something like that.


    on every other class/mode im more like a "run and shoot but still die" person

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    Camping in a room with only one access point where someone might come in once every 3-4 minutes....that's boring and I don't do it.  In objective matches, I adjust to what the rest of the team is doing.  If others are running, I'll defend.  If others are defending, I'll run.  In TDM, I'll either follow someone around corners and clean up kills or hold down access points to our side of the map (like the alleyways on Mission or the hill/waterfall area on Village).  And when I say hold down an area, I mean patrolling the area, not laying down or crouching in a corner.  I don't really consider that camping though.

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    read the post camping does not exist in mw3, we already whent over all of this