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Ballistic Vests seriously need to be fixed! (With Proof)


So to start off, i like to use weapons like sniper rifles and shotguns. My Model 1887 and AS50. Single fire weapons are probably the hardest to use in this game because if you miss your first shot.. your dead. Well i was sniping on bootleg with my ninja AS50 class, yes actually sniping and not quickscoping for easy kills, and i saw an enemy across the map just standing still so i pulled up my sniper rifle and popped him in the head... Nope doesn't kill him because he has a stupid ballistic vest on. Why would you add juggernaut(perk) into the game in the form of a killstreak? I don't mind taking on a BV when i have a fully auto weapon but when i am using a sniper rifle and i have to make the first shot count... nope doesn't matter.


Because of him surviving that shot, him and a few of his teammates rushed me and i died. If i would have killed him then i would have been able to run away before he respawned. I took the time to make my shot count and i am no longer rewarded for such things? I used a stealth sniper class in CoD4 and the worst problem was that if they had juggernaut then my headshot wouldn't kill them. Now i have the same problem in MW3 but with a stupid killstreak. It was a great idea on paper but now when i go to shotgun someone or snipe them, their immune to my first shot if they have BV on. If i could cancel out BV with a headshot then that would be perfect because then at least i could stand a chance against them.


I wish they would just remove it from MP but i know that won't happen. Hopefully IW will tweak it so it doesn't always over power single fire weapons. I love that its a way to use teamwork in this game but it seriously wasn't a good idea. I don't see how anyone could put up with this. Sure, the people with the BV are going to say to keep it how it is but seriously? It would have been a fair kill, regardless if i was sniping or not. Legitimately sniping is hard enough in this game as it is but now there is a killstreak that is pretty much anti-sniping. I will never run around like a panzy quickscoping because of how easy it is. I prefer to actually use a sniper rifle how it was intended to be used and take enemies out from afar.