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[ aG ] abyss Gaming |Level 17| // Founder DOUBLE XP {Xbox360}

abyss Gaming

Our Site: abyssGaming.org


About Us


abyss Gaming is now actively recruiting most gamers! We are a tight knit group that most of us have been playing games together for 5+ years. abyss Gaming was formed many years ago playing Counter-Strike 1.6 by abyss technique. After a while competitive CS1.6 died and most players moved on and stopped gaming.  I soon after moved abyss to the Xbox 360 starting with Call of Duty: 4. Since then we have a small tight knit active group of clan members and are now with the addition of Elite are looking to begin publily recruiting.  We do primarily focus on the CoD series but we do also play other titles like Battlefield and random other games.  When we play games we are very tactical but we also have fun in our party chats and what not at the same time. Most of our members do wear the abyss clan tag in their Xbox live names, but it is not required. CoD:Elite founders are a huge plus for joining this clan as they will have priority for parties over regular members.



We are looking to get to level 50 clan ASAP. We already have about 15 members, some still waiting for their founder status & elite.


What we are looking for in our new members:

(No K/D requirement as of now as I dont believe this is a accurate way to judge someones ingame skill, however once we grow this may be a way to weed out the not as good or unactive players.)


Decently skilled (no need to be a professional)

Has mic


Speaks english

Ability to listen


If you are intrested in gaming with us or looking to join please post back here with a brief description about yourself and your gaming history. Or if you want to get in contact with us the fastest way it will be VIA Xbox Live.



My gamertag is abyss technique please feel free to message me with any questions or if you want to party up with us in some games.

Or you can message abyss D3V1LsZ as he is 2nd in command.


We hope to hear from you! ---- abyss technique

XBL: abyss technique

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