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Must Read : Clan (TGC) has come to Australia and Is Now Recruiting

Clan (TGC) (The Gun Circus) started earlier this year on the PS3 game MAG and since has become a major player in the gaming community.  Now with the release of MW3 and BF3 (TGC) now are branching over to these 2 games.
I am one of two Australian players in this clan and have struggled with the joining of international hosts and servers in MW3 and BF3 so now i am in charge of starting the Australian members only division of our clan. Our clan Tag will be the same (TGC) but we will be a our own clan (TheGunCircusAus). All are welcome to tryout and i will track your efforts to see if you got what i takes to represent (TGC) in tournaments and competitions in COD Elite. Contact me if you are interested on PSN id: Nixsta_26
I'm looking for good available and commited players not just killers (defending and capturing objectives is just as important as getting kills).
My aim is to put together a great clan that can rise threw the ranks and become a clan everyone has herd of and knows not to mess with lol
More info on (TGC) (The Gun Circus)
(TGC) is based mainly around American players with it's founder (HotCupOfBeast) who has taken this clan to a whole new level with creating a clan (TGC) web site and as of a few weeks ago has now secured sponsorship for the clan. If you want to check out the site visit theguncircus.com and take a look. Also a (TGC) Australia web site will also be created soon to easily manage what's going on.
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