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Lag, Hit detection , Lag compensation

I would first like to mention that I have had absolutely no lag problems or in that matter no problems at all playing MW2 ,BO, bf3  or any other game in fact and they all run very smoothly.My internet connection and PC are top notch.My connectivity bar is almost always at maximum.And I rate myself as a good player.


I like MW3 a lot but the inconsistent hit detection is very frustrating.Most of the time when i shoot someone i have to empty almost the whole magazine in order to kill the guy if I'm not dead by then.Furthermore when i fire for example 10-15 shots directly at someone it usually registers only 1 hitmarker or doesn't register my shots at all.In other cases I start shooting at someone first and hit him first and continue to shoot at him and emptry half the magazine and get another hitmarker and he doesn't die , then he turns around and 2 shots me.The other thing is when in a 1v1 situation at close or medium range I start firing and my bullets dont' register a hit and the next second I'm dead.I seem to lose 80 % of 1v1's like that.There was even a situatian with identical guns being fired and i got 2 hitmarkers from 2 bursts and got killed the next second with 1 burst.I have disabled theater mode butI don't see a difference.


I've also heard other people are experiencing this issue and would like to know if someone has an advice or a solution about this problem.IW should really fix this.


Again I like the game but , this is really frustrating and ruining the fun for me.


Thank you for your time.



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    To me it seems that the guy who has the crap connection gets the drop on the guy with the good connection. I don't care for the lag compensation system at all.


    I remember the good old days where the guy with the bad lag was the one that suffered  and not the guy with the good connection, who now suddenly dies 3 seconds after he goes around the corner because he was shot by the dude with the crap connection.

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      Ok so I played a couple more games, one of which I was probably the host and the whole other team except one guy had 4 bars of connectivity (one bar below the max). Yet they always fired first and killed me.There was one instance in which I was shooting at a guy who was running diagonally towards me and he knifed me without me getting a single hitmarker.I watched the replay and saw that he had long run past me and wasnt even in my crosshairs  which was clearly not the case from my point of view.

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    Lag compensation is a terrible idea in general. If you have bad internet, dont play. Honestly.

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    If im not mistaken, most if not all COD multiplayers of the past have some type of lag compensation.  For me, it was barely noticeable in MW2 and just a little more noticeable in Black Ops.  In MW3 however, its making the game literally unplayable.  Just look on youtube and you will see that this is not a PC only problem, but it seems to bee affecting a smaller number of people.  I hope it is possible to revert to a less extreme lag compensation system because its literally preventing me from having any amount of fun with this game.

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      Less extrem? Activision launch of modern warfare 3 did not specify on his box of games, it was necesary to have a greater connection to play a 10,000 mbps. So the lag compasation should be even higher, because it is invisible against the Russian ... Steam or activision should use a system to limit the connection or use a system to find server in its country (or close) I have 2.50 mbps example in France and I'm left with the Russian or Polish on the other side of the world . Activision no longer has anything to **** us, yet the PC platform is the most respected ...

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    I feel you bro, 23 kills in moab and I ******* empty my magazine and he shoots me 2 bullets and I die.

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    Yeah artificial lag is always worse then natural lag.  The game actually reports false player positions to you and purposefully holds back packets a set amount of time while a player who is lagging due to a poor network connection will effect all aspects of his game.


    I've seen players shooting at me before they turn the corner because lag comp is reporting their position a few steps behind where they actually are.  On their screen they see me and start shooting but I have yet to see them due to being "compensated"


    Shooting at a player 1v1 scoring several hits and taking no damage, no flinching, no red screen but several hit markers and then *poof* dead.


    I've also had a lot of deaths by what I call "rubber knife syndrome"  where I hit what should be a clean knife but get nothing.  I've even lunged directly into somebody before and my player was physically stopped by their body but no kill.  I died and the kill cam showed me flying right past them and you also see so many knives that kill without EVER making contact with the other player.

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    Do you know what guys? I have EXACTLY the same problems, and I'm playing on 360. Explain to me how an ACR that I'm using is beaten by an MP7, yet say I'm using an MP7, a guy with an ACR beats the MP7. I've even started encountering problems with the snipers, read my post if you will. I think Infinity Ward needs to address THESE problems, instead of releasing new maps every 3 weeks.

    I'm glad to see it's not just me who thinks this game is severly unbalanced. I think this proves that this game is a joke, and it genuinely has to be one of the worst online games I have ever played. MW2 was so balanced it was unbeleivable. MW3 is so UNbalanced it's laughable. I never, ever got killed unfairly in MW2 (unless it was a shotgun or grenade launcher). MW2 didn't need lag comp, so why the **** does MW3?