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The Solution To QuickScoping In MW3?

Hello everyone.


I'm sure people reading this probably think that I think of myself as some kind of hardcore QuickScoper - but I'm not. I am just your average player who was introduced to QuickScoping around a year ago on MW2 and compared to the style of most, I LOVE IT! I am in no way saying I am the best, so please do not judge my skills based on my post...


Anyway, I am fully aware that the people like me irritate many players by doing what I love most. And likewise, it irritates me when I am killed by somone spraying at me with a silenced UMP etc etc.


I think I have the solution... A QuickScope Lobby. It doesn't mean that it will be used to boost etc, perhaps it could be used as a non XP lobby purely for fun.


What this would mean, is that us QuickScopers would have a seperate lobby to play against others and to cause less of a conflict in playing styles. Options that I have thought could be in this lobby are:


-Sniper Rifles Only Allowed

-Option to adjust how long you are able to scope in for (for those who don't like 'HardScopers')

-1 Hit kills/ Normal damage


Just my opinion anyway, what do you guys think?


**EDIT - I have just looked at related posts and see this is a discussion brought up many times. I put my hands up, I did not check if there were existing discussions before posting but rest assured that I thought up this idea months ago while attempting to make QuickScope lobbies in MW2 (which soon failed after people quit or turned to using their UMPs). I am in no way stealing anyone's ideas**

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    I think its a good idea. But after seeing the way they cater to the newer gamers and try to attract the masses, its just not gonna happen. As much as we all would like it.

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    As being someone who does not quickscope, I think that is great idea. 75% of my deaths per game now, are from quickscopers. I get that it may fun and all, but they never go for the objective. I do snipe but I don't quickscope; actually taking my time to get a killshot, with the occasoinal lucky scope and kill at close range. Anyway, this would awesome, don't get me wrong, I probably have 10,000+ kills from dropzone which is my K/D as gone from 1.40 to a 1.63, granted sometimes I go for kills by covering my team mates away from dropzone and hold down a choke point. Other times I am all over the dropzones and just want to help my team that way.