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    I have the same problem aswell, I just linked my elite to my youtube channel and its all set up then I try to render the video and its only 23 seconds but it stays at 0% for like 10 seconds then says "rendering has failed" kinda pissing me off cause I wanna upload some sick vids I got. So if it starts working for anyone please let me know or if you know how to fix that would be great to.

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    it says for me that my videos on my vault (elite.callofduty.com) arent there but they have been put onto youtube...

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    The system doesn't seem to work yet, atleast not for me.


    Haven't tried out youtube linking yet I've only tried to render and upload to my mw3 player card but when the video is done rendering and it says "Upload Complete!", tells me to check it out at theater.callofduty.com.. well...


    It doesn't show up on the website..


    Hope they fix it soon, my youtube rep depends on it!

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    This is getting rather pathetic, as I STILL cannot link my YouTube account to Elite. Wasn't this supposed to be fixed? Oh wait, they're just happy to roll around in the money they made off of us. Pure BS.

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    You have to make a COD Elite account and then from their when you render your videos they will show up as in your vault on the site. Also you can link the vault to youtube so when you render videos they go to COD Elite website and straight to your youtube channel. I hope this helped any more questions add my psn: cTw-Shane.

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    Yeah i have waited over about 2 weeks and still no video on COD Elite or youtube :/

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    Hi guys,


    Thanks for all the help you're all providing each other with explanations. We're aware of this issue and trying to work on it so you don't have videos missing from you Elite Vault on the web site. A few things you can try are:


    Logging out, clearing your browser cache/cookies, then logging back into Elite
    Clearing your console's cache, and re-downloading the latest update for the game
    Try re-editing your clip and rendering it again to see if it properly displays.


    Hopefully some of these might help with your issue.

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    same problem here i cant even link my youtube to my elite and im a prem member

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    Hey I'm having the same probs linking my elite to youtube. Elite just wont link up to youtube at all, i just keep getting a message telling me to create a youtube account(which I have).


    So is it broken or am I a dunce who cant link a profile?

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