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MW3 - framerate / unplayable lag (with a good connection)



Been having this issue since the release of MW3 and wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the same issue or might even know a resolution to fixing this issue: while playing multiplayer on MW3 I am experiencing what it seems to be almost framerate lag, and one second I will be moving around with a good connection and next second it will pause as if a lag spike and resume as normal - this will happen multiple times in a game and every game - while in the game my connection is on a 4 bar and my nat type stays on open and I have a good connection, I find playing like this completly unplayable and its quite annoying. We have another xbox connected to the same internet and this does not have any issues at all (while playing MW3), I have tryed switching the discs around etc and doesnt seem to do anything, and do not have this issue while playing the campaign. I have never had this issue before, I understand as in the first week there should be lag issues but this doesnt seem like lag its far worse and knowone else I know is having this issue. I have tryed the basic things to fix it but nothing seems to help it. I have had to give the game a brake as its unplayable to the constant lag spikes, so just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue or might even know how to fix this becasue i am not sure if its on my end or IW's.