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A question of skill: Need some advice

When I first started playing Call of Duty, I'll openly admit that I sucked at it. I couldn't shoot to save my life, I was constantly being flanked/sniped, and it took me forever to adjust from running and jumping like I did in Halo (my first FPS).


Over the course of several titles starting w/MW2, and a really horrid K/D, I have drastically improved. I learned the maps inside and out, learned high traffic points and flanking routes, and built classes based on game type and maps. I learned to move cautiously, and only rush when necessary (though sometimes my temper and general distrust in the CoD community still get the better of me, and I move w/out thinking). I came to love sniping in most games, particularly MW2, and learned every angle I could possibly kill a person from on every sniper-friendly map. I learned to constantly keep on eye on my HUD (not necessarily chasing dots, as some lessers would call it, but checking the actual minimap to pinpoint enemy position and movement).


I usually did fairly well in both FFA and Mercenary TDM (I refuse to play Objective alone for lack of a competent team). However, I find in MW3 that I do far better in FFA then I do in TDM. Even when playing with friends, my niche seems to be more geared towards Objective modes (particularly Domination), then just a regular TDM game.


Is there any way I can take the killing power I have in a typical game of FFA, and better apply it to TDM? I used to be able to handle myself fairly well in Mercenary, but when I play regular with my clan, I can't seem to pick up the slack. I'd also like to be able to carve a better spot out for Objective modes in terms of Objective modes as well. Just don't give ANY inclination towards camping; I refuse to hide like a coward, and will only duck down for a moment if I know I'm being followed, or surrounded. I can hold down an area if need be, but I will NOT sit in a corner w/a tent and a bag of marshmallows.

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    Anyone out there?

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    have you tried playing team defender? its much like tdm but with a single flag that your team must try to keep control of, until the spawns and lag are fixed its all im playing

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      I haven't yet, but like I said, I feel better going into those game types with a competent team; not idiots that randomly fire off a weapon to give away my position, or follow and knife me like the immature kids they are.


      I have a really great group of people I play with; we communicate, and we can basically throttle anyone that gets in our way. Unfortunately life prevents us from getting together more often.

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    Anyone else have some input?

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    Sounds like you like to snipe, that's pretty tough to do on the smaller maps on this game (unless you're a quick scoper - I don't  think that's too easy either though). Most maps seem best suited to SMG's or Assault Rifles. Thanks to the Support Strike Package there seems to almost always be a UAV in play. Bearing that in mind I've found usage of covert loadouts to be imperative.


    My most successful TDM package uses a SCAR-L (other assualt rifles will work of course!) with dual attachment proficiency using a heartbeat monitor and a silencer. My secondary is a silenced MP9 (the MP9 is the PP 2000 of MW3 - it's almost like having an assualt rifle for a secondary!). For tactical I like to use a flash grenade while I use a frag grenade for lethal. Perks are blindfire, assassin and stalker (I've yet to unlock dead silence - I do like stalker so I may not bother with dead silence) - I picked my perks with stealth as my top priority. My death streak is martyrdom. I use a low killstreak assualt strike chain (UAV / Care Package / Predator) I also run a copy of this package with a silenced UMP-45 for the smallest maps - but on that pack I use a support strike chain.


    To me it seems that if you want to do well in TDM and you don't want to camp you need to create your classes with stealth in mind. It allows you to rack up legitimate kills without getting killed right away since your position is no longer compromised once you open fire. Running my stealth packages allows me to function on an independent basis so I don't have to rely on my team (I don't belong to a clan, I typically play the game on my own). These set ups are helpful if you hope to flank or surprise opponents since they keep you from being detected by the many UAV's you encounter. If you add a heartbeat sensor to it you can really give your opponents a bad time, it's a major benefit when you're trying to flank or surprise opponents. If you want to snipe you could try one of these setups with a sniper rifle, but sub in marksman for perk 3. I would stick to the silenced MP9 as a sidearm - you can use it as your default weapon until you find a sniping position (remember to tap fire the MP9 at mid range for shorter more accurate bursts). I've pretty much gone away from LMG's in MW3 - they slow you down way too much for the smaller maps. Experiment with your class loadouts as you will, but remember that if you want to do well in TDM your main objective should be to get as many kills as you can (duh) and avoid detection while doing so!

    I would also avoid playing ground war in this game, in MW2 that's all I played but the maps on MW3 are just too small for 18 player matches. I do think they are well sized for normal sized games of TDM, Domination etc.

    Good Hunting!

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      That's just it; as much as I love the Snipers in this game, I can't seem to find a map suited for the sniper class.


      I don't use heartbeat ever since I got my Tritton headset; since I can hear the enemy I can typiclly pinpoint location and get the drop on them before they get me. I like the Blind Eye/Assassin bit, but I'd likel opt for SitRep over Dead Silence, so my headset can operate at full potential.


      I use a standard package of UAV, IMS/Predator, and usually the Attack Chopper. I don't care for suppressors on anything other than the ACR (everything else just seems mediocre). My only Support Package is basically default (UAV/SAM/AUAV), and I don't use it much.



      ACR and Assassin Pro will probably be my unlocks next prestige; I appreciate the assistance.

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    Anyone else?

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    Just like the others have said, the element of surprise is your very best friend. No matter what role you're trying to play or which loadout you're trying to use, you need to fixate on getting in those lethal blows before the enemy can even begin to retaliate. In MW3 nearly all weapons handle like a dream and have very high DPS within their effective reach, so the moment an enemy gets off those first few rounds you're probably already dead.


    The obvious answer, as others have suggested, is to use a silencer and stealth perks. This does help to reduce the chance that an enemy might find you from something extranneous, but doesn't solve the biggest threat- that once the shooting starts someone is going to trace shots back to you. Even in a best case scenario when you knock the guy down without him ever seeing you, the killcam will then betray your position. And when in the heat of things it is risky to change positions. Besides that, often he'll have allies to witness you shooting him.


    Unfortunately, there is no one right answer to this. You need to assume at some point that the enemy will know exactly where you are and that you'll have to fight them on their terms. That's why in the end scheme of things its much more important to be able to get out lethal blows quickly. There's so many unpredictable factors that compensating for them all is downright impossible. Even if you do everything right, just one funny spawn might have a tango end up right behind you.