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Olaf Rebels Recruitment Page (Xbox only)

Hello, and welcome. This is the recruitment page for the "Olaf Rebels" Elite Clan.

First off some rules...


1. Absolutely NO Racism, Sexism, Or Derogatory Comments.

2. No Flaming/Complaining/Whining about anything on THIS post, I am avaliable most of the time PM me and i'll see whats wrong.

3. Be Respectful. This means no calling people "noobs" or "scrubs" this is a serious clan, not the schoolyard.

4. Always follow instruction of your higher ranking members, unless it someone will cause you a physical issue or some kind of Gaming Statistic issue. (Such as losing a high K/D)

5. Always keep a mature state of mind. This is not a "Who is better than who" battle. This is a "Everyone is good, so lets make them better" Clan.


Application Format

Gamertag: AwsomeSaucer

Age: 17

Previously Owned CODs: 1,2,3,4,WaW,MW2,Black Ops

Level in MW3: 43 (This is simply for informative purposes)

K/D in MW3: 1.26 (Again Informative purpose)

Founder Status?: Yes (Not a Necessity, but Appreciated)

Hours on Per Week: 20~

Will you accept harsh Constructive Criticism?: Yes

Why do You want to join this Clan?: To become a better gamer (You cannot use this reason by the way)


Simply Fill this out and I will check to see if you eligible. Again

nothing in particular will decide your membership. On a side

note: If anyone would like to be the PSN ambassador for this


clan PM me. Look up the name on Elite find us or use this




Please remember that every clan's purpose is to increase the


enjoyment that COD games provide. Glory To Olaf