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Finally fell in love with this game and here is why...


As of tonight I am officially over Bops and now have a new love, this.


To start with I hated the maps but now I'm actually quite fond of them, just had to change my style from AR to SMG and shotty and that's what done the trick, you move 20% faster or there about's than with AR and they are also deadly accurate and powerful and great for bumping into people 10 feet away which I always seem to do.


The perk system works really good, QD/HL/SC/SH are awesome and tbh I feel sorry for the Assassin and Blind Eye users, I can easily take down every chopper 'without' the Blind Eye perk, one shot with the Stinger purchased with a coin after my 1st prestige takes your Chopper down or two for your Osprey drop.


Something else I find amazing is the amount of people using they Support kill streaks, some games you play every player in the other team have there 18 point streaks so barely have anything else the full game and for what? an EMP, no problem, A juggernaut with a shield and easy to kill (knifed the last 2) and an Osprey that gets shot down without a dropped CP, gotta laugh.


A couple of things still annoy me, Predator, without Blind Eye its always me who gets it and quick-scopers but they aren't going anywhere so I'm just going to have to live with that.


As for the OP complaints, type 95 is not OP, they are using a 3 round burst and since when did 3 round bursts not kill? silly argument if you ask me.


After the patch today and considering how quick it was I have to congratulate IW and SH on the quickness of it, what was it, 2 days of mass exploiting then patched, very swift work.


Anyway, that's all, hope you enjoyed my longest post ever.