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Starting a Clan-- Swag_24/7 -- Need Recruits --- Co-Founder???

Hi, My GT is ccSei24 and am looking to Start a Clan on Call of Duty Elite


At the Moment I am looking for a Co-Founder and Someone to share ideas with and to help get this clan started



     -Must Be Mature--Age doesnt matter as long as you act older

     -Must Be Ok at COD--KD of at Least 1.00 at time of joining Clan

     -Must Be Willing to have some Fun

          --Whole Team Riot Shields, Shotguns, Snipers, Private Matches


          --I will look Through your Stats and judge you there


-About having a Co-Founder (Maybe Multiple)

     -I was thinking we have more of a Group of Founders....


-If you wanna Help with Clan/Co-Found

     -KD of >1.6 please

     -Possibly a Capture Card for Games?


-Our Clan will Play Just about anything






Just message me if you want in...