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CoD ELITE Rant. New Founder Camo?

So I got my weapon camo for being a CoD ELITE Founder. Its rubbish. Who agrees?

Its just Winter, it should have been in the game anyway. I think we all deserve a new one for the F*ck about with the whole service.

I think we were all expecting something more exotic, like a big green skull, or something that says "Founder" or just something less... bland.


And don't get me started on the server issues. How did they not relise there would be so many people joining ELITE, as it is mostly a free service, Call of Duty is THE most popular game to date (proof is in the sales), so obviously the majority of people where going to sign up to check it out. I bought it and I most definatley regret getting it. I havnt seen anything special about being a premium member apart from the map pack discount.


And I know we got compensated 30 free days. Wow, another 30days of this crap, it will probably take them another 30 days to fix it. I know they are working hard to get it up to full speed and I appreciate that. So thank you.


Do you feel were in need of a little more than 30 free days? Something like a new Founder Camo?

So sign your name and Ideas for Camo styles and lets all ask nicely and we just might get something our way for once!