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Pathetic Now! (Hardcore)


Ok, all I'm getting constantly at the moment is noob tubed. This is rediculous the blast sheild does nothing on hardcore against a tube. Especially as Domination is the main game all people have to do is wait for it to flash then tube the general area and it wipes you all out. I thought this was going to be the best CoD title but I'm starting to have my doubts now. The blast sheild NEEDS improving. My k/d 1.89 and W/L is just over 2, im not just a noob complaining have played all titles but this tubing is getting so bad clans actually contemplating going back to B-Ops. Anyone this they will try to do anything for Hardcore Players...I doubt it as we always get poor representation in CoD.

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    What the heck is noob tube?! I keep hearing this... i'm not familiar with all this terminology. Break it down for me.

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    ello, i'am from sweden. my English might not be good but anyway. i played all the COD games. I have all the games in ps3. Call of duty Classic, COD 3, MW1, COD WAW, MW2, COD Black Ops and MW3, my KD/R in COD 3 is 0.28 with 4,000 kills. MW1 1.01 with 10.00 kills, COD WAW 2.00 30.000 kills, MW2 2.75 with 200.000 kills.

    Then we have Black ops, witch i played very litle and have 2000 kills, 1300 made by a friend because the game was not COD. last and least we have MW3 and this game is so ****ed up no skillz what so ever. If you compare the MW2 with MW3,

    MW3 The guns are super stable, health is minimized, and the sound is very bad you can't ever hear if a enemy is on a run, you cant hear footsteps.

    Plus it seems that the have installed some kind of a ''aim bot'' so the noobs or new players shall have a chance to make kills.

    Why do they do this? do they whant the game to be like FIFA?

    Where some one ask only 3 things, How do i move? how do i shoot? how do i aim?

    should this person be able to make kills in COD by playing for the first time?

    And not only make a kill but kill some person like that played this game over 5years?

    He plays 5min and kills another player who has played the game 5years?

    That would never occur in COD 3, MW1, COD WAW, or in MW2.


    A pice of advice don't buy any more COD games. There will be a day that the developer of cod games wish that veterans bought their game.

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    I love how people get pissed because they dont have Claymores protecting them on the stairs while they camp in a window picking off easy targets. Bazinga! Awh I love you MW3 for making it hard for campers, and newbs who rely on Grenade launchers.


    But yeh I agree with the Topic Owner, If you wear Blast Shield it should work like it works in Core, Itll be fixed when more people notice and complain, Hang in zere!

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      Exactly and if you were foolish enough to not recognize the hitmarker your claymore got on the Flak Jacket you deserved to die really. I never found it an issue if I had a clay down and it suddenly blew up with no kill just means go to that claymore. You don't even survive one explosion with Blast Shield on half the time!

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        I paid £80 for my mw3 hardened edition, i feel like i wasted my money, compared to mw2 the maps are smaller which promotes noobs, and grenades to be thrown fired from one end of the map to the other, you cant even spawn without dying its ridicules. I don't want to be walking two steps to get blown up by some little t##t that cant aim, i like black ops and bf3 because grenade launchers are useless because there is a counter for them. what is the point in playing if all your interested in i firing a grenade, the whole game is based on team work to gain or destroy the objective, and this game is a load of individuals running round with sh#t stats cause the cant be bothered getting better learning how to aim. i said this from practically my first few mins of starting but i gave it a chance, now its a waste of time, i will be playing black ops again. So much for the expos from the makers flac jacket my ar#e,  you should be able to have the choice to protect yourself from noobs. The perks are a little unfair too if you have on asssin you cant have blast sheild (which is useless anyway), on one hand you leave urself open to uavs heartbeat sensors and stuff or the other ur open to potentailly grenade launchers they may as well bring back one man army an last stand its basiccally mw2 anyway.