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Quick Draw Pro and Candy.


Am I the only one that feels just a little ripped off by the pro ability to Quick Draw?


For those who don't know; in every previous CoD title with Stun grenades and Flash grenades most people used Stuns because they were faster to throw.


However in this game they made stuns and grenades slower to throw just so they could have a pro perk that turns it back to normal.


Analogy: It's like having a piece of candy that's 99 cents, raising the price of the candy to $10 and advertising it on sale for 90% off to make it 99 cents again.


I don't know, maybe it's just me. I could've been a little more constructive and suggested another pro ability for it, but to be frank I'm just not feeling that creative right now. I guess I'm just bit*hing...The analogy was in my head and I sort of just wanted to share it :]

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    if your so worried about it then you could use it and make any of your grenades faster.



    its a game man its just a way for them to balance everything out. by slowing the nade time it makes you think should a use assasin or quick draw or blast shield etc. its balancing those perks.

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    I was the same way...stun grenades all the way because they threw faster than the flashbangs.  Even though they took the speed that I liked away, I'm glad they did, because I feel that those two tactical grenades are now on par with each other.  I guess they could've sped the flashbangs up and I would have been happy too.  Lethal grenades haven't changed except for when you get Quickdraw Pro...with that they throw much faster.


    Just glad they made both stuns (now concussion), and flashbangs equally viable for use.