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[XBOX 360] TakaFansubs Clan, Accepting Everyone!


I've started a clan anyone can join in on for Xbox 360. Just ask for an invite and I'll throw one your way.

The clan is TakaFansubs, which is the title of my online anime subbing group located at http://www.TakaFansubs.com

We release episodes/movies of anime with English subtitles in HD, with over 700 releases and over 10 million downloads.

We give out shows for free such as Naruto Shippuuden, HunterxHunter, InuYasha Kanketsuhen, and Dragonball Kai, plus more.

Anime fan or not, we're just looking for people who want a place to go and have fun doing clan-related things to get XP.

I recently posted an article on the website located here: http://takafansubs.com/?p=news&id=186

With the thousands of fans Taka brings to the table, the clan is expected to grow quite well in time, and I've just started adding people today.

It's a fun community where we don't take things serious at all and just play. If you want XP and unlocks, join TakaFansubs.

You don't have to be the best, just the nicest, so we can have a fun community where anything goes.


Join today! Visit https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/176243 and leave a comment to be invited, or post here.