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The age old problem - quick scopes

Anyone noticing the ease of sniping and quickscoping now in MW3?


I'm not usually that concerned with it but it is ramapant in MW3, and not because people are good at it, it's because it's gotten easier apparently.


I mean, the game STARTS you with the .50 cal and its limited recoil and can be fired like a freaking Dragunov. I know the game isn't very realstic but geez, if you fired a .50 cal like these kids it should put you in last stand for a few seconds, lol.


With the thermal, I've seen kill cams where the scope never even made it to the guys screen. He just brought it in slightly and fired a good 50+ yard quick scope. Apparently them city folk up at Sledgehammer never have fired a rifle. It's not easy. You have to look through the scope just right or the shot will be off or you just see black. Too much to request of CoD but make it tougher guys, come on. You can shoot ANYWHERE and get a kill as long as you rake the scope anywhere on the body AFTER the missed shot is fired.


Other than spawns and the Type 9(x) is REALLY OP for hosts (Like they don't even need the 3rd bullet of the first burst) everything is fine. Great Job.

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    I'll agree that the Quick Scope technique in this game is OP when the AR's get some f***ing recoil.



    In regards to the killcam, it happened in MW2 as well and still no one understands it, so allow me to clear this up here and now, IT'S LAG, THAT'S IT, NOTHING BUT FREAKING KILLCAM LAG. It does it in Theater as well. On the guys screen when he made the shot, he actually saw his scope crosshairs appear on screen before firing.



    Again, IT'S. LAG.

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      agreed, untill the AR's get some recoil its balanced right now,


      add some recoil to AR's and decrease scope in time for rifles and it would be much more balanced imo.

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        Well either way,


        My problem is they fire shots before the scope reaches the eye. That should equal intense inaccuracy.


        I may be crazy but I remember lots of older FPS' that when you pulled the scope up, if you didn't give it a second the shot was GOING to miss. If there is going to be quickscoping made so easily and readily then they need to be headshots 1 bullet, body shots 2. because you are essentially firing a single shot assault rifle that kills in one hit anywhere on the body.


        You get to run and snipe with no increased sway, you can pull the scope up as fast as any other weapon, the weapon kills in one shot. . . you have to stop somewhere lol.


        i know it sounds like complaining but I'm trying to look at it in a sensible way. Snipers are an elite group of soldiers. You don't sign up in the Marines to be a sniper. You are chosen if you are good. Again, I know it's a video game but it breaks down to simple skill basing of weapons. Sniping should be a tough class BECAUSE of it's 1 shot kills.


        AR's may not have much recoil, but unless you are host you have to shoot people 5 times to get them to go down. The balance comes in when I am burning some snipers ass up with 3-4 shots and he fires and somehow knicks my kneecap from a panic quick scope blast that in any other game would have never made the shot, ends up killing me.


        They give you the "hold breath" option because it's a gun of focus. Does anyone not catch that?


        And yeah I can see the lag cam being some of the problem, but I have fired the sniper a lot, and you can totally tell the gun helps. I've missed many of shot and still got the kill cause I was scope sweeping. It's just something I've always said all through MW1-MW3. . . "The more panic and spastic the sniper shot is, the more likely you are to get the kill".


        I am 26 years old and have been playing almost all the FPS' all my life, I would like to think I know when I've seen the best and worst of sniping.