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glitchers really now?  there is no infiniate uav. there was  just a patch. side note padiego.


i go 25 and  5 on hardcore and  you ppl start screaming the word hacker. grow up. lol secondly. you complain about hackers yet   ppl on team defender and on hc. camp in that stupid truck glitch on outpost. go 25 and 0 call in a nuke. and thats perfectly fine with you all? i ran into you padiego on reg tdm ur names like padigo PR or whatever. you type perfect english on here yet when i tried talking to you i could not understand one word u said  k thx


another thing id like to bring up is blast shield pro hasnt really protected me from anything. even on core. i still die from betties. and claymore. and even semtex. it seems like frag gernades are the only thing it protects you from. futhermore.  plz stop camping and noobtubing. it slows down the game.