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  • 15. Re: Camping is Legit. So what?

    Uh, no, it's not, sorry.


    Camping is for little kiddies who can't play the game properly so they need to back hump the corner of a level. It is people like these who suck the fun right out of the game.



    I can't stand campers, they shouldn't be allowed to play this game But seriously, if you want to simultaneously waste your $60 (because there is no way sitting in a corner and watching a certain part of the map is fun) AND give me an easy kill, fine with me. I'll just come back to your dumb ass and grenade you like the rat you are

  • 16. Re: Camping is Legit. So what?

    Not all Sith Lords are related (luckly!). When I see people running up and down I think they need a clown outfit to match their 'skill'. That's the fun of the GAME, play like you like it. And let's face it, sitting on the couch moving 4 or 6 fingers can't be called 'skill'

  • 17. Re: Camping is Legit. So what?

    If they buy the game they have EVERY right to play it any damn way they choose. To try to dictate how the game should be played. There is an option to play a private match with others like you. You all can run around all you want and there wont be a camper there to ruin your game. But apparently all of you haters out there dont have the brain power to figure that out!

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    Camping isn't a problem. The real problem is incompetent teammates who needlessly confront campers instead of avoiding them.

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    Im hoping this elite thing will solve that with having clans challenge each other. Personally im a team player, and working together wins objectives.

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    Search and Destroy sucks balls in this game because of campers. I just play Kill Confermed and FFA and beast on campers with my spas. It is funny though seeing ***** campers trying to defend camping, what nerds. Forget K/D and just run out there like a BEAST!

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    Camping is skill.. if you think that camper can be easy target you might be wrong...

    and camping not always means high kd.


    like in domination is defening flag camping.. ?

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    They ackowlegde camping as a legitimate playstyle. They're not telling us how to play. People seem to have a hard time with comprehension.


    You have to agree that he has a point. Sitting in a corner and getting a kill after waiting half the game isn't very "skillful". You would have a better K/D, but you would have almost no respect as a gamer.

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    the whole 'camper' brand that people give out is ridiculous!

    When an aggresive player flanks your team and gets a triple kill as the noobs spawn do they turn around and call you a 'runner'? no, no they dont, coz its just another form of play

    Personally i hate to be thought of as a 'camper' but if i strafe round a wall slowly and see you coming, im going to put you on your arse.. not lay off you because i may be called a camper!

    and in actual fact ive probs just ran 3/4 of the way round the map trying to get behind you so i can **** your team! its just a playstyle, people that yell 'f**king camper' when killed in these situations need to grow the hell up and accept sometimes there's going to be someone round the corner waiting to pull that trigger.. in your face.. goodnight.

    Swear people forget this is a GAME!

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    Nate I have to say, if you want to camp cool. Is it legit? Sure, but not my style. I dont care about K/D ratios and crap. If I have to run out into the middle of the board so it will expose a camper or in many cases CAMPERS then I will. Look at my card, my k/d sucks etc...But I do help my team in many other ways which unfortunately arent rewarded in the game play. Only problem with "campers I have is when they do it in the opposing teams spawn area. Sitting and waiting for a person to spawn after getting killed and blasting that person before they can take a step takes some real skill. Ruins the game for alot of people who play to have a enjoyable experience. If u want to camp in a window, on a garbage can, on a catwalk cool. When I respawn, I'll flank u, stab u then tea bag u. Simple. But stay out of the spawn area. Those kinds of "campers" are not legit in my opinion. Like I said just my opinion.