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Call of Duty Elite UK PS3 Clan [WB] lvl 7

Hi all we are looking for new members for our PS3 MW3 clan

I started this clan many years ago an since then has only really been close friends

but we are now looking to recruit new members so if your interested just leave a MSG an I'll send you a invite


requirements for clan

  1. don't take things to seriously its a game an meant to be enjoyed
  2. mature we don't like immature players (although some of us are big kids)
  3. team work you don't have to be the best player of have a high KDR just work as a team an you will win
  4. NO show-offs boasting I.e..I'm the best,I'm better than you etc.... it doesn't matter if you win or loose as long as you enjoy playing the game



all that said I look forward to playing alongside you


see you on the battle field