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I predicted this........and I was right.


Few weeks before MW3 even came out, I predicted all people will be doing in MW3 is running around with their sniper rifles and be effective at all ranges. Well, because of the lag shooting, not many people ran around quickscoping. Then the patch came out, hit detection is great, similar to blops(the magic bullets are similar too ), so EVERYONE IS QUICKSCOPING. Its annoying, there's no real "OP" weapon in this game, the few guns that stand out are the Type95, PP90M1 (only with rapid fire, which you HAVE to earn), P90 (only with rapid fire, which you have to earn), Akimbo Machine pistols(which are only powerful in their domain) and....well, i think that's about it. Ever gun is effective in their ranges. Assault rifles are decent at close range, great at medium, decent at long. SMGs are great at close, decent at medium, garbage at long. Machine pistols are EXTREMELY good at close range, but they become garbage at medium-long range. LMGs are total garbage at close range, but great at medium to long range. See? BALANCE! Except..for the sniper rifles.....because of quickdraw being effective on the sniper rifles, the sniper rifles are effective at ALL ranges. If you have the horrible luck of running into the sight of a quickscoper, you're dead. They're gonna getcha. Bouncing like a bunny doesn't help much, since they can just spam their .50 cal. I want sniping to be like in Black Ops wii. Random bullet, quickscoping wasn't really quickscoping, and most snipers sniped the right way, what some of you "Xx1337xXN0xXsc0p3zXxX" call "hardscoping".