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Favorite Map so far (also ~Ghost~ where are you??! )

So, after a couple of weeks playing this game, what are your favorites MP maps so far?



I personally like Dome, Hardhat and Lockdown (I like small maps). They are all cool, especially lockdown domination, all flags sites are so close to each other, the massacre isnt normal. I also like Resistance and Village.


I havent played Interchange yet (maybe not on Wii? sorry I havent checked) and I've only played Bootleg one time (is this Blops Crisis?).


The ones I like the least are Bakaara & Underground.




So what are the ones you like the most/the least?





Also: ~Ghost~ where the hell are you? Did you buy the game? Yesterday I ran into a Ghost, he started to troll me so I trolled him back, I thought it was you