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What would be overpowered?

As the title says, what would you guys say is overpowered if it was in mw3.


I would say a Light Machine Gun with a supressor, now wouldnt that be overpowered?

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    A sniper rifle where you don't really have to aim and it gives you a one hit...


    Oh wait, sorry. It's already there.

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    Actually I'm thinking LMG rapid fire would be. Or Akimboed Akimbo Fmg9's, that would be 4 at once. D:

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    I just played a guy that went like 35-3 (and called a M.O.A.B). He was using a light machine gun that kills with one shot (he killed me like 10 times in a row)


    Thats the most OP thing ive seen so far

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    Type 95 and M60

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      your kidding me--- they screwed with my m60 and made it OP!!!







      Now what am I gonna do for fun when I get that game???


      The BO M60 was perfectly balanced- huge mag + huge recoil + huge damage + turtle paced firing rate.


      Takes about 30-40 bullets for a kill at medium range on Blops, since you can't hit about anything, well, at least I can't...



      But, if they made my lovely belt-fed LMG's with a slow rate of fire and high damage/recoil a fire-breathing, OP monster, I don't know what I'll do!!!

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    Anything grom uses its OP. Grom has a way of finding the OP weapons and overusing them. He's already level 30 on the UMP45, so that's OP. He rages at the PP90M1, so that's OP. He rages at quickscopers, so quickscoping's OP( i think so too).

    So basically, anything tha'ts effective out of its range its OP.


    Type95-2 shot kill and a 3 round burst. Doesn't sound so bad, if it wasn't for the fact this sh*t is effective at EVERY RANGE. Its the G11+Famas+rapid fire all wrapped up in one. Long range? No problem, burst fire, land 2 shots, you get a kill. Medium range? Same crap. Close range? Spray. Just get 2 bursts off your chest, 2 of them must have found their way into your enemy's skull.


    UMP45- This thing is effective at every range. It was OP in MW3, its Op now.. Recoil? What recoil?


    PP90M1- This thing shoots faster than the famas with rapid fire. Kills fast, and its effective at long range even though its a SMG.


    Quickscoping- This is self explanatory. CCP+aim assist+sniper rifle= Easy kills. Just aim and shoot....


    Akimbo Machine Pistols- These weapons are stronger than most primaries. I usually rely on my akimbo MP9s and use my scar-l as a secondary.

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    I'd say the Dual Machine pistols could use a little less damage but they aren't game breaking. Also the P90 W/ Rapid Fire could use a little more recoil and the PP90M1 should have had the same stat as the vector in MW2 but its not like im going to chuck my wii out the window if I get killed by one of those guns.