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MW3 Online Game Fully Freeze - Have to restart console everytime!!!

HI guys,


I have 2 ps3 console at home and 1 of my console (the old 40GB ps3 one) is constantly freezing during online gameplay!! I need help and suggestions from you guys! I have already sent an email to Activision about this and they have sent an automated email stating that they are experiencing high volume of enquiries and they will get back to me when ever they have an answer to my problem. In order words, they have said "We will get back to you when we feel like it"! Anyhow, its now been 3 days and I have done soooo many things and still no luck. I will write my problem and the things I have done in detail here and hopefully someone can share their experience.


My Problem: Like the mentioned above, i have 2 ps3 consoles and I have the problem with only one of them i.e. the 40GB ps3 version. In this console, everything works fine in campaign. However, when in the Multiplayer game, the game all of sudden freezes completely during the gameplay and the screen is completely still. No response from the controller or anything. Have to restart the console manually and it happens again. it does not happen all the time by during the last 3-4 days it has become worse. Now I cannot play 80% of the time since it freezes. Also this only happens during the middle of the online game of MW3 only and no where else. This is what I have done and have found so far:


1) The gameplay freezes either when played alone or even in a lobby.


2) During the online play, the console freezes when a new multiplayer game starts. Its fine when the maps are selected and all. Sometimes, it freezes as soon as the game starts or sometimes after 2-3 minutes. Nothing responses, not even the controller, the console and the PS3 has to be manually restarted.


3) Tried switching off the ps3 and the router on and off. Also manually restarted the ps3 console from safe mode.


4) Tried running the "Re-build Database" from the safe-mode in PS3 console and still no luck.


5) Tried swapping the MW3 game disc and the same problem even with another disc.


6) Tried the same in black ops MP, but no problem with Black ops at all. So this confirms that this is not the console problem or the network problem. Was able to play a few games with black ops with no freezing other than the usual lags or delays at times.


7) Checked the system update, noticed there was an update and installed the latest PS3 update. Restarted and tried it and it was still the same results.


8) Deleted the game data utility file and re-installed the new MW3 game patch 1.03. Still the same problem...


9)  Have been having this game for 5 days now and we played for about 6 hours during the 1st day, after that the next day there was the PSN maintenance and once it was over, we played another 12 hours that day before with no problems. Both consoles were in a lobby and had no problems other than usual lags at times. But somehow, this problem started occuring from the 3rd day onwards which fell on a Sat-Sun.


10) Tested the internet speed and its fine.


11) Searched the net and still did no find a solution for this problem. I see a lot of people complaining about the lag or a brief screen freeze for a few seconds during the online play. I would be happy if it was only a few second freeze!! but its not!! I do know that there are usually lags and delays due to server load during high traffic times, but this problem is not a lag. This is more of a "hang".


12) I noticed that the NAT was showing as "strict". I then thought if this was causing the problem. So I have now set-up a static ip address for my console and have also added this ip address to my router's DMZ hosts with UPnP enabled. After this, the NAT is now open. But the problem is still there even with "open" Nat settings!! So this confirms that it is not the NAT problem neither...


13) From what I can think of, it appears to be a problem from the MW3 end. The reason why I think that is cuz I do not have any problem with Black ops at all and I still play black ops..


14) Also I cannot understand why its only happening to my old 40GB console and NOT my second console (which is the ps3 new slim model)!!! The other console plays the MW3 fine and I am using the same network and the same router for the connection. No idea....


What do you guys think??? Plz help since I am running of ideas...

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    Mine is freezing at the intro video, but if i hurry and hit a button i can get to the "press start" screen and even into a MP lobby.  but the music stops playing and then it will freeze and sometimes it will even make it to the loading screen that has a picture of the map but then it freezes there. 


    I've factory reset my ps3 and everything and still no fix. 


    the disc is brand new.  I've also put in other games and they work fine. 


    also when mine freezes i can still access the XMB and everything functions just fine.  just the game is froze.


    any help??

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    I think your problem is v different from mine. I only experience the problem during the MP gameplay and no where else. My campaign works fine, the game loading bit is fine and even spec ops is fine (however i've only played spec ops 1s). I know that ps3 overheating causes similar problems like u've mentioned. But having said that, it does take many many hours of gameplay in order for ps3 to overheat. I noticed that ps3 does not overheat so fast!



    Further update to my problem: I was still trying out different things to see if it makes any difference to my problem where the game fully freeze during MP gameplay and have to hard reset the ps3 each time. I did the following changes yesterday and I was able to play the game for 1 hours last night without this problem again:


    Changes made:


    1) I uninstalled the MW3 elite since I wasnt sure if this was causing some problem (though I highly doubt it since I dont think this application runs until I open it. Anyhow I deleted it).


    2) Removed the game data utility again and installed the 1.04 patch./


    3) Changed the internet connection settings to "wired connection" via ethernet. Previously I was using wireless.


    After the above changes, it appears to work so far. but I am still trying to understand these:


    1) Not sure which of the above steps solved it for me. My best bet would probably be the factor of changing it to the wired connection. But if thats the case, now my second console is in wireless as well and it does not have the problem. Also when I play the black ops using the console that has the problem, black ops plays fine. So it cant be a faulty wireless connetion since the problem is only with MW3 gameplay.


    2) So could it be a coincedence that the problem disappeared yesterday since it was Monday? Meaning lesser traffic? Like the mentioned in the last post, this problem mysteriously started to appear on saturday and it just got worse that I was unable to play with that console anymore. Last night it started working and now I dont know if it is due to one of the changes I have done or due to a weekday connection. not sure!!


    3) It is not confirmed yet that my console works fine now. I will keep trying and see how it goes this week. fingers crossed!


    I think the main problem may be beyond this. Maybe the game is having some performance instability when rendering high graphic screen to old consoles and old TVs when on the online Multiplayer session. Or it could be a problem from the MP server side causing some consoles to hang. Just a thought...

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    That happens to me on a new PS3, but it's after hours of play, and only on MP. I'm thinking it may be an overheating issue with GPU or CPU. On your 40gig, maybe make sure the vents are cleaned, and maybe open the case and get the dust out. Do you notice your fan running??

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    That happens to me on a new PS3, but it's after hours of play, and only on MP. I'm thinking it may be an overheating issue with GPU or CPU. On your 40gig, maybe make sure the vents are cleaned, and maybe open the case and get the dust out. Do you notice your fan running??

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    hi sora723,


    thanx for ur reply....


    I played last night and the problem happened again...I was soo heart broken since I was hoping that the problem was fixed after I connected via ethernet but guess not..Its definitely not the heating problem for me since I just turned on the PS3 and it was the very first game. I also tried cleaning inside and also made sure that the hard disk is seated fine as well. Thats not it...  Also if it is a problem with the console, the lens, the reader or anything else, then this problem should happen irrespective of what game I play. But I tested again with black ops as well as World at war and these games plays fine.


    I thought maybe this was happening due to network traffic but last night was wednesday evening..generally weds has a lot lesser players than the weekends and this should not be causing this problem.


    Do you have this problem with only MW3 or even with other games?


    I am running out of ideas and I got nothing else I can try or test. Activision still hasnt returned to my email I had sent to them last week. I wonder if there are anyone from Activision or Infinity ward here in this forum who can reply to this topic...I just bought my second ps3 console recently spending another $500 as well as 2 MW3 games cds so that my partner and I can play the MP in different consoles rather than a split screen and now it totally sucks that we cannot play this game at all since it doesnt work in 1 console!


    Is there anyone who have had this problem and got it fixed??

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    hi everyone,


    just an update....it appears the problem may be fixed. I just had to update a new patch for MW3 v1.05 and I have so far played for about 2 hours without any freezing. Fingers crossed that the prob is now fixed by Infinity ward. Lets hope...

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    HI again...I am writing back since the problem is still not fixed. I thought it was, but I was wrong.



    First of all I want to say - "WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT!!!!!!" No even 1 person bothered to reply or help out in any ways...this goes to say how selfish all the useless fukers are!!! No useful reply here, posted 1 in PS3 forum and none there, none in gamespot forum, Activision still hasnt got back to my email 3 weeks ago...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??? Is everyone in this world dead (or) do they simply dont give a **** to help out others anymore? I am so pissed off....I thought these fukwiths read the forums and reviews...guess NOT!!


    Anyhow, further to last my last post, I thought the ps3 hanging problem was fixed after the patch update of 1.05 and I was wrong. When the tried again the next day, the same problem. So therefore the stupid patch did no difference. Infact, I noticed something even more wierd after the patch update. My NAT settings that was "open" mysteriously became "Strict" after the patch update. No idea why?? I do have a staic ip address set up for the ps3 and have also configured the router and thats not it since the NAT was open before this update. I am a computer programmer myself and even I find that understanding MW3 NAT settings is soooo absurd!!! Why the hell is it go complicated? How does normal people with not much tech exeprience deal with this? In black ops, the party preferences can easily be changed simply by selected the "Select" button. but in MW3, its a whole shitty procedure!!


    Also, I thought this freezing problem may be due to my 40 GB hard disk being full. So, I also bought a new 500 GB hard disk and replaced my PS3 HDD hoping to fix this. Guess what....same ****! Still hanging. I noticed that everytime you start to play, it always freezes for the first 3-4 attempts. I need to constantly restart the game in order for it to start working eventually!! What the hell is going on???????


    I am totally running out of idea...I have stopped playing MW3 completely now and just sticking to black ops..What a waste of $150/- since I bought 2 stupid CDs for 2 consoles!



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    Same thing here Sometimes i can play afew TeamDeathMatches and it goes good then Freezes one me & have to hard reboot my ps3. Other times it just kicks me out in the middle of a game and kicks me back to Main multi player skreen and a box pops up "DISK READ ERROR" I've tryed every thing. restore all that crap..still same thing. if you google "MW3 Disk read error or mw3 freezeing.. mad **** will pop up & yet no patch for this nothing being done!

    you think IW would read this **** and do somthing about it.. But noooo they just take you money and  run and say huh? FIX THIS F\'ING GAME!!!!!

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