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    I am still not able to get COD4 to work every time.  If I restart my router it will work sometimes but other than that it just hangs when connecting online  As a work around I just plug directly into my modem.  Try this and see if it works.  I have opened my ports as well and it doesnt seem to make a significant difference.


    The funny thing is that MW3 works fine for me after I open the ports and I haven't had problems with MW2.  Stange. 


    They refered me to my router manufacturer but they have no idea how to solve this problem.  I opened the ports that they suggested and the router manufacturer isnt going to know what to do with each third party online game.  So long story short, I plug directly into the modem to play COD4.

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    Game and ps3 are freezing now at any time when i launch the game. I quit playing this game for now.. to annoying with thoose freezes. Hope it will be fixed soon though

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    Just a thought and I could be completely wrong but does BO reference the disc as much as MW3?  I had BO but don't remeber if it installed to the hdd.  I was just thinking that your problem might be related to a dirty blu-ray lens.  I know that MW3 uses the blu-ray laser considerably and there are posts in this forum calling for IW to make an update for PS3 users so we can install the game directly to the hdd. 


    You can get a blu-ray lens cleaner to see if that might help.


    I'm guessing your other PS3 is fine as it's relatively new and the lens might be cleaner.  Just a guess though...good luck.

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    Hi everyone...


    wow!! great responses...thank you all for your reply. Much obliged! Its a relief to see that this problem is happening to a lot of people. Hopefully Activision will look into this.


    Finally I received an email from Activision yesterday (after I sent my second email). They had suggested some very basic troubleshoot that I have already tried before so it wasnt of any help. They just said that if the problem still exists after these troubleshoot, then its the PS3 console at fault. This is ridiculous since they think that the game is absolutely flawless and there is nothing wrong with that. I have send them a detailed email back requesting for further support. I will post their email and my response to them below so you guys can have a read..


    First...let me reply to yous:


    Hi Dirty_Maineiac: thank you for your concern.


    Hi kourtvizion: I do have my console connected directly and it doesnt change anything. I also had a feeling that the router settings may have to do this problem and I checked my settings yesterday and it didnt fix for me. Very strange indeed...


    Hi iburbpine: I think black ops did install the game data in the console but still it does reference to the disc when you play the game. Maybe not as much as MW3. Your suggestion of dirty blu-ray lens is very valid but if thats the case, it should also happen in campaign mode as well since MW3 campaign mode requires a lot of disc reading too. Not a bad guess though..


    Hi Timk:  Yeah..I had a system update yesterday as well and it didnt do anything neither. Mine sometimes freezes right at the end of the game as well similar to yours. It freezes when you see the ending score. But most of the time, it freezes as soon as the game starts and sometimes 2-4 minutes during the game. If I was able to finish the game, there is a good chance that it may freeze at the end of game. So now when the play the online game, I am worried more about this hanging issue the whole time that it spoils the whole fun. I **** myself even if I get flashed thinking it got hung again...lol...my KD is real bad now due to this crap. :-)


    Hi nickzombie: How annoying that you leave as soon as the final score screen comes up..lol..wouldnt you loose all your match bonuses when you do that? Anyhow who cares about the match bonuses I guess as long as the game freaking works!!


    Hi MVME2NIGHT: When mine freezes, the screen hangs first, then I can hear the audio for the next 2-3 seconds and after that everything is dead.


    Alright everyone...here is the email that Activision sent yesterday:

    Thank you for your contact.

    For future correspondence concerning this case, please refer to the following reference number when contacting Activision Customer Support: XXXX-XXXXXX


    I saw all the troubleshootings you already tried and here I send you some more. If the problem persists after trying them, please contact us again


    This may be caused by a faulty game disc, or problems with the PlayStation 3.


    Check the disc for abrasions, scratches, and dust.


    Ensure the PlayStation 3 is in a cool, well ventilated place.


    Try deleting the game data. Go into the XMB menu. This is the menu that you see when you turn on your PS3. Select Game / Game Data Utility. Select the game and press the triangle button. Select Delete and then press the X button to confirm. Once this is done, reinsert the game disc in the drive. You will need to install the game data to the PS3 again. This should not affect your saved game as it is stored in a different folder.


    Try the game on another PlayStation 3.


    If none of the above resolves the issue then this may indicate a problem with your Playstation 3 and you will need to contact Playstation Consumer/Technical support at (1-800-345-SONY).

    Additional PS3 troubleshooting suggestions can be found at Sony's support site.


    Please note: Activision cannot guarantee functionality on PlayStation 3 systems using 3rd party hardware (including, but not exclusive to: Memory Cards, controllers, chips, and cables).


    If you have ruled out any issues with your Playstation 3, and have determined that you will need a disc replacement, you can request one by going tohttp://warranty.activision.com.



    Thank you for contacting Activision Customer Support . If you have any further doubts or questions, please don't hesitate contacting us again.


    here is my response to them:



    Hi Laura,


    First of all thank you for getting back to me on this.


    I have already tried the troubleshooting that you had sent. I tried it once again today and it did not make any difference. Please read my report on the troubleshoot below:


    1) Check the disc for abrasions, scratches, and dust: I did. I actually have 2 game discs since my partner and I play in 2 consoles. Both of them have no scratches, dusts or abrasions. I tried both of these disc and both of them are having the same problem with 1 console.


    2) Ensure the PlayStation 3 is in a cool, well ventilated place: This is not the problem since my PS3 is placed in a well ventilated place. I know that it is definitely not the heating issue of my PS3 cuz this problem occurs even on the very first game that I play and there is no way of PS3 being overheated since it was turned off for almost 24 hours before this. So the heating issue is overruled.


    3) Try the game on another PlayStation 3: Did that. The game works on my second console.


    4) Try deleting the game data. Go into the XMB menu: Did that. Does not make any difference. Also I found this very weird and please read this -> I did not have any problem with the Online Multiplayer game during the first 2 days I started to play this game. I got this game delivered to me on 17th nov (thurs) and I was able to play a lot of MP games on 17th with no problem what so ever. On 18th Nov (fri), the PSN network was down for like 6 hours due to maintenance. So during this time, I was playing the campaign with no problem. After the PSN was back, I was once again able to play the MP online without any of these hanging problems. I think around 18th or 19th there was a patch update for this game. (maybe version 1.04..dont remember exactly) and this problem started to happen mysteriously around the same time. I am not sure if it is a coincidence it happened around the patch update or if it is related to this. Also another strange behaviour I noticed is that after the recent patch of v1.05, my NAT settings that was "Open" before mysteriously became "Strict". I checked the router settings, the ports are open, the console has a static IP that is added to the DMZ, the console is connected via Ethernet, etc. Like I said, the NAT was "open" before and all of sudden after the v1.05 update, it became "strict". I find all these very strange.


    5) If none of the above resolves the issue then this may indicate a problem with your Playstation 3 and you will need to contact Playstation Consumer/Technical support: First of all, the troubleshooting that you had suggested are very very basic and there is no way to conclude that the console is at fault just after doing these basic tests. Honestly I am not happy with this suggestion..why?? I will explain my reasons below on why I think this problem is not with my PS3. The reason I am not happy with this cuz when you say "if it is not the game CD faulty, it is the PS3 at fault", you are basically saying that the game itself is fool proof!! How can you be so sure that it is not the actual game having the problem? I know that your next response will be "If this is the game at fault, then everyone should be having the same problem". It is valid but thats not always the case. I can say this from my own experience as a computer programmer. No matter what application, software or game we develop, no one can guarantee that this will work flawlessly for everyone in all systems or consoles. The reason behind this is cuz there are many other factors that we should also consider that changes for each users such as: the router set-ups, the screen resolutions of the TVs, the console type, its firmware (since I believe that it may differ for different versions), etc...Thats why I think not every users have the same problem. However, I can see from various forum discussions that I am not the only one experiencing this. There have been many reports from various users around the world experiencing the exact same issue with MW3. So, I would very much appreciate if this issue is escalated to the actual game developers since they may find out a reason for this.


    Reason for why I think this problem is not with the PS3 console:


    If this is a problem with my console, then its behaviour should be independent of the game I play. Meaning, I should have similar or same problem with all games and NOT just MW3! I have tried the Black ops and COD World at war MP gameplay and both of these games work flawlessly with no problems at all. This itself indicate that the problem has to do with MW3 online game itself. Also if it was PS3 console problem, then it has to be a problem with one of the following parts:


    1) Blue Ray lens at fault: To confirm that my lens is working fine, I also tried playing blue ray movies in it and that works fine. Also if it is the lens at fault, then this problem should be consistent with every game I play. This problem should also happen in campaign as well but it doesn’t. It only happens during the online MultiPlayer and that too only during the middle of the game. So, it cannot be the lens at fault. What could be possible is a dirty lens, then again - it should happen with other games too.


    2) Faulty HDD - I also tried replacing my old 40GB with a new 500GB HDD and still the same problem. So I don’t think its the HDD at fault.


    3) Faulty Wireless Adapter - Once again, its not possible that the wireless adapter doesn’t work only for MW3. Anyhow to confirm this, I also tried connecting via ethernet and still the same problem.


    4) PS3 overheating issue - I have already addressed this above. This is definitely not the case for me.


    If you still think it is a PS3 at fault, then can you please explain to me on why you think so? I can’t think of any other parts causing a problem for this game. I have done numerous tests myself and that is the reason why I can back myself by saying that my PS3 is not at fault unless I find a valid reason for me to think so. Also my ps3 is not under warranty and its just a further waste of time and money for me to get this checked unless there is a clear indication that the console is faulty. I am not going to do that just because it is the easy way out for Activision. I do know that if I do send this, it will be returned back in the same condition since I know that it is not the console..


    Reason for why I think this problem is with Modern Warfare 3 game:


    I have mentioned this a few times before - I have tried the same MP gameplay with Black ops as well as World at war and both of these games works fine. So it doesnt make sense...based on the behaviour I have noticed, its very clear that this issue is only with the Multiplayer gameplay on MW3 since the campaign mode works fine. Also, my PS3 only hangs in the middle of the online game and no where else. Its fine during the lobby, etc..but it hangs either as soon as the game start, sometimes 2-3 mins later or sometimes right at the end of the game when you the see the final scores. So its clearly only during these online game sessions that the PS3 freezes. So the game developers will be the best one to talk to about this.


    Also please read the recent updates and reports from various users in this forum here: http://community.callofduty.com/thread/100577160


    It appears that even some users with a brand new console are experience the exact same problem with this game and this game ONLY.


    Once again, I do thank you for getting back to me since I was patiently waiting for your response. I do believe that I have explained my problem as best as I can and I really hope that you can help me and other users having the same problem further. 


    Awaiting for your response...


    Thanking you..


    Kind Regards,


    I am hoping that Activision looks into this issue now. I will keep you guys updated as I learn more as it goes. I thank you for the support..


    Also, if anyone else are having the exact same issue, please post your experience here so we can understand how many of you are experiencing this problem and how you go about it.


    Thank you all again and write to you soon...

  • 24. Re: MW3 Online Game Fully Freeze - Have to restart console everytime!!!

    thank 4 the update. i'm still having probs also my mw3 still freezing up on single & Mp. & when it dont freeze up when i play Mp it kicks me to main mp menu with a DISK READ ERROR message. i also think it has somthing to do with patch b/c day one when mw3 came out my console ran awesome till the patches came out now my game messes up . i also can play other games for hrs on end with no prob. blu-rays play good to.. i dont know whats up if this aint fixed by the 8th i'm doing to take my game back for my money ..and never buy a cod game!!!!!!!! & i'll make sure to tell other people not to as well..!!!!

  • 25. Re: MW3 Online Game Fully Freeze - Have to restart console everytime!!!

    Bloody hell!! I am getting the same problem people.....My console freezes at the end of EVERY MP game when the score screen comes up and I have to turn console off and on again and it just happens again after the first game I play - has anyone had any success fixing this yet????

  • 27. Re: MW3 Online Game Fully Freeze - Have to restart console everytime!!!

    Hi Everyone,


    I think I may have fixed this freezing problem...However let me say that I have only tried a few games now and it may still be too early to tell if the problem is fixed for ever or not. Many times in the past, after different tests I always think it may have been fixed and later realise that the problem is still there and I am hoping its not the case this time. However, I will update again tomorrow and let you know if my game froze again...


    Solution (I think): I have mentioned in my previous post that I have a feeling that the Network settings may have something to do with this. And thanks to kourtvizion who had posted above and it appears that opening the ports fixed it for him. That got me thinking again since I was wondering why that wasnt happening for me. I will explain here on what type of network set-up I had previously and what changes I tried today so you guys can understand what I did.


    My Previous Set-up: Previously, since I only had this problem with 1 console (Note that I have 2 ps3 consoles connected to my Network), I set-up a static IP address for this console with this problem and added it to the DMZ. I also opened the ports for this console. However, it did not do anything since I was still having the same problem. It was also wierd that the other console which did not have a static IP under DMZ nor had the port opened for that was playing fine. Very strange indeed...so thats why I changed the network set-up now so that it can accomodated multiple consoles in my router. This is what I changed now:


    My current set-up: I first disabled the DMZ. I also removed all the port forwarding. Instead of port forwarding, this time I used the "Port Trigerring". (NOTE: The only reason I used the port triggering was because I have 2 consoles in my network. So for users with only 1 console, the port forwarding method should work. And thats why I think "port forwarding" worked for kourtvizion above and not for me.) Once I had the port trigerring set-up, I now noticed that the ps3 console I was having a problem with now has "Open" NAT settings (FINALLY!!). But the strange thing is, my second console was still showing "Strict" NAT. But I dont really care about that one at this stage since I know that the other console works irrespective of this. So, I have now tested about 5 games and none of them froze. So far, every first 3 games always freeze and then it usually freezes every alternative games or so and I eventually give up. But today, it did not freeze once and thats why I am thinking it may have been fixed. Then again...I dont want to count the chicken before they are hatched. So will once again will monitor this and will let you guys know.


    What I found: In my case, I think the multiple consoles on the network maybe was causing some problem. Using the port forward method or the DMZ method is really crap since you can only set this up for only 1 console in that network. Also I was wondering how black ops and other games were playing with no problems although I did not have the port triggering enabled? For these games, I think having just the "uPnP" enabled was enough. This is just what I think and I am not sure. I always had the uPnP enabled in my router and maybe thats why all the other games were fine. However, for MW3, it requires a lot more than uPnP enabled. I think thats why opening the "Port Trigger" did it this time. This is just very poor structure.



    What Pisses me off about Activision: Out of everybody, I would hope that Activision should have been able to figure this out and realised that this could have been the problem (if this is right!). In my posts and I also in my email to them, I had clearly mentioned to them that I have 2 consoles and only 1 have the problem. I had also mentioned about the network set-up I was having too. Its so crap that they did not pick up on this...I was really disappointed with the troubleshoot they had sent me as well since they are really basic and I had already mentioned to them that I had done those steps before. Arent they supposed to know their own product better?? I guess not!! On the top this, they straight away claim that it is the console problem with no real effort of trying to find out what the reason of this problem may be. Clearly, they dont give a ****!! Also, I think the people replying to these techinical support emails are simply copying and pasting their standard trobleshoot and sending them off and thats it! Job done as far as they are concerned!! I am pissed off...


    Anyhow..for those who are having problems, try these and let me know how it went for you:



    1) If you only have 1 console in your Network, do the following:



    NOTE: I am not going in detail on how to do each of these step by step. There are tons of info available in google and also videos in youtube showing how to do these. So search and try it out and let me know if you still have problem.


    Step 1: Set-up a static ip address for your ps3 (or xbox) console.


    Step 2: Add this static ip address to your router DMZ. You can do this by accessing your router address via computer.


    Step 3: Make sure that you have "uPnP" enabled. This stands for "Universal Plug n play".


    Step 4: Open all the required ports for your router. You can find on how to do this here: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Linksys/WRT54G/PS3_Call_o f_Duty_-_Modern_Warfare_3.htm


    please note on couple things here:


    i) the above link is for Linksys WRT54G modem. If you have a another modem brand, you should be able to find a specific instruction on how to do it for that modem from the above site itself. 


    ii) Also, when you go to the above link, in the beginning it says "Enter your computer static Ip address in the box" under "Do no skip this step!" section. Remember here that you actually need to enter the static ip address of your ps3 (or xbox) console that you set-up in Step 1 above and NOT your computer ip address. I am mentioning this cuz this can be misleading and it may confuse some newbies..


    and thats it...restart your router and your system and see how it goes this time..Also check if your NAT is not "open".



    2)  If you have 2 or more consoles in your Network, do the following:


    Step 1: Just open your router through your computer and then select "Port Trigerring" instead of "Port Forwarding". Under port trigerring, do the same step as mentioned in "Step 4" above by adding and opening the relevant ports. However, in this case, you dont need to mention an ip address for the device.


    Step 2: Ensure that you have "uPnP" enabled.


    and thats it...you may not need to set-up static ip address for this for its upto you. Restart your router and your system and see how it goes this time..


    Good luck guys! and do tell me if any of these worked for you..


    Once again - PLEASE NOTE: I am not 100% sure if this fixes it. Like I said, I will let you guys know. Based on my educative guess, this should be the best bet as I cant think of anything else that may cause this issue...Fingers crossed!!! Again - thanks to kourtvizion who got me thinking!

  • 28. Re: MW3 Online Game Fully Freeze - Have to restart console everytime!!!

    I am back again.....I am afraid I dont have good news!! This stupid **** froze again.. But I did find out something more this time though..


    I will explain what I found here but to understand this better lets call the console with the problem as "Console A" and my second ps3 with no problem as "Console B".


    I noticed that the "Console A" has the NAT as "open" when this device is started first. But if the Console B is started first, then the Console A only has "Moderate" Nat. This time when it froze, my Console A had this moderate NAT. So, I turned everything off and restarted again by turning the Console A first so it has the open nat and then the game did not freeze.


    I dont quite understand this behaviour. I can understand that the first device that is connecting to the router is designated with an open Nat and not the others. I hope someone who has experiece in networking can help me understand what the problem can be.


    Also, it appears that the NAT settings only seems to affect my Console A.


    Sorry to say that this problem is not fully fixed but alteast I am hoping that we are getting closer. Hopefully your input can help me further...


    So for now, the work around for me is simple. I just make sure that I turn on my console A first everytime I play in network. Let me see if this is all a big coincidence and if it still hangs irrespective of "open"  or "moderate" Nat. Its been highs and lows for me here...


    Far out....looks like you need to be bill gates to figure out how to play MW3 properly!!!!

  • 29. Re: MW3 Online Game Fully Freeze - Have to restart console everytime!!!

    Forget everything I said...its still freezing even in "Open" NAT. So obviously this did no fix the issue...


    Back to square one.. I am so angry that I want to break this game CD..

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