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Why there are no dedicated servers ?

Activision is publishing the most profitable video game this gen. maybe even in the history. and they don't want to spend extra few bucks to provide Dedicated servers and solve everyones online problems ?! i mean look at battlefield, not a single complainet about the online so is other games.

So the question is : Why exactly Activision is not providing dedicated servers ?!

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    I think its to do with the leaderboards gimmick. They mentioned something about modded servers being a reason that they didn't want to have ranked dedicated servers, but all in all, if your not in the top 1000 or 10000 you don't really care about leaderboards, and if your a pc gamer (aka the people who made cod get to where they are now) you couldn't give a stuff about the leaderboards. But thats the only reason why I would see them not putting in ranked dedicated servers. I laugh at the unranked dedicated servers idea. If you look on a game server tracker website you will see that mw3 has hardly any non empty servers running.