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MW3 YouTube Clips have Restricted time?

We are now eligible to upload clips to YouTube directly from MW# Now when the Linking with your YouTube account works on CoD ELITE. It makes everything so much easier when you not need to use a capture card or similar.




There is a big problem, at least what i think.  It seems that you CAN NOT upload clips longer than 60 seconds (1 minute)   i Made a small sniper montage and it was 34 seconds long. That clip worked fined to render and i had no problem. But when i did a montage that lasted for 1 minute and 14 seconds i wasn't able to upload/render it. I can't even share it on facebook, if this is true, i will be very disappointed.



Anyone who knows if the time is restricted or is it just me who has a problem?



Thanks,   and sorry for my bad english.   ( 16 year old Swede)